Book Tag Thursday – Literary Dinner Party

Today I’ll be doing the Literary Dinner Party book tag. This tag was created by Renee at NEHOMAS2 and you can see her original video here. If any bloggers out there want to join me, feel free to leave a link to you’re post in the comments, I’d love to see them. Or for anyone else out there who doesn’t have a blog, feel free to leave some of you’re answers in the comments so I’ll feel a little less alone.

THE RULES: you must invite 11 guests, so there is a total party of 12 including yourself. The people I’d invite are below.
1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
The first person who comes to mind is Micah Foster from The Art Of Lainey by Paula Stokes. I don’t know if the boy can cook normal food, but he can bake and I could definitely tolerate a dinner of baked goods alone!

2. One character who has money to fund the party
Prince Rhy from A Gathering Of Shadows by V E Schwab would be my pick. He’s a Prince and loaded and loves a good party.

3. One character who might cause a scene
Harriet Manners from Geek Girl by Holly Smale could definitely accomplish that. She’d spout off a random fact about the food we’re eating or the location and suddenly she’s embarrassed and the entire party is trying to coax her out from underneath the table. Either that or she’ll trip over her own feet knocking down a line of waiters with their arms full. Either way, it’ll get everyone’s attention!

4. One character who is funny/amusing
That would be Captain Carswell Thorn from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. He’s funny and quirky and dashingly handsome. Yes please!

5. One character who is super social/popular
I’ll take Tia from Biggest Flirts. She’s just the shinning light of the group!

6. One villian
This took me WWWAAAYYYY too long to come up with an answer for this. I ended up with President Snow from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I feel like he’d have excellent table manners and generally be a good dinner guest!

7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic
David and Megan from Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson are the first couple that came to mind. One because they are so cute together. Two because David could sit in between Megan and Harriet from Geek Girl so they can geek-out together on things no one else would understand. Three because Megan is a badass I just wanna know more about her.

8. One hero/heroine
Veronica Mars from The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham. She’d definitely have some interesting stories to tell!

9. One underappreciated character
I’d invite Dorian from Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I feel like the further the series goes on, the more we take Dorian for granted. The poor guy could really use a night out on the town.

10. One character of your own choosing
I’ve been trying really hard not to repeat series or authors here, but I’m going to give in on this last question. I would invite Delilah Bard from A Darker Shade Of Magic by V E Schwab. I’m a little obsessed with her and her piratey ways and I’d use any excuse to get a little more of her story. Besides, it might be fun watching her try to rob the other guests and I’d like to listen to the banter between her and Rhy.

That’s it! Who would you invite? Let me know in the comments!

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