My fitness log – Week 2

This was a week of failure. I did not go.

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It was a combination of things. Tuesday is the day my husband and I designated every week to go. But Tuesday rolled around and mother nature decided to punch me in the ovaries, so I didn’t really feel up to it. My head hurt, my back hurt, I just hurt, k? But there are still several other days in the week so I was hopeful that I could motivate myself and my husband to go. Wednesday was laundry day, so that’s out. I’m sorry, I’m not spending 2+ hours at a humid laundromat and then heading off to another hour at the gym.

But there is still Thursday, right? Yes, put all the hope on Thursday. I go home, get prepared. Put on my workout clothes and wait for my husband to get off work (he gets home about an hour after I do). He arrives and I meet him outside, ready to go. I can tell by the look on his face that it isn’t happening. The thing is, if I have a hard time motivating me to go, it’s impossible with him. I can’t go without him because it’s his gym membership. He has one of those bring a friend deals. I can’t afford to pay for a completely new membership for me, so I have to get his ass to go for me to go, which has proved problematic in the past. I’d hoped after the fiasco with is dress pants not fitting, he’d be more motivated on his own, but that has not been the case. I really wonder how different it’d be if I had the membership and could go without him. I’ve really put thought into cancelling his membership and getting the bring a friend level membership for me. Would I go more? I’d like to think so. I’d like to think that I’d go home on the predetermined day, let the dogs out, get dressed, and head off to that room of torture. Husband could come along later and meet me or not and I’d be good either way. The reality to that? I honestly don’t know because I’ve never done it.

I have still been walking to work and home and such, but that isn’t anything new or exciting. I’ve been doing that for a year without little to no change in myself beyond being able to make the journey without feeling like I’ve exhausted that days strength.

There are still 2 more days in this week, but considering they are both “weekend” days, I don’t have high hopes for getting him to go. I’ll let you know for sure in my next log!

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