Showcase Sunday #55

Showcase Sunday

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here ~Vicki at Books, Biscuts, and Tea

New books 11-8-15

Landline by Rainbow Rowell – After reading Attachments, I’m determined to get my hands on everything else by Rainbow. If this is half as good as that was, I’ll love it. I bought it with the intention of getting it signed at YA’ll Fest, but that so didn’t happen. People where lined up to get her bracelets before I even got there.
Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick – I absolutely loved this novel and I had to grab a copy! You can read my review here. Unfortunately my copy now has water damage (along with all of my other books by here) because idiot me knocked a Dr Pepper over one of my bags of signed books. You can image the amount of sobbing that happened afterwards.
The Comeback Season by Jennifer E Smith – Before I started looking into books to grab for YA’ll fest, I didn’t realize Jenn had more than the 3 recent ones. I couldn’t afford to get a copy of The Geography Of You & Me, but I got this cheap and I’m excited to get a to read it. Jenn was so incredibly nice. For all who didn’t already know, The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight is being made into a movie and we both fangirled over that a bit.
Frozen (Heart Of Dread #1) by Melissa De La Cruz & Michael Johnston – I almost didn’t get this because I couldn’t find the paperback edition. Normally I prefer hardcovers, but the paperback of this is so much prettier!
Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) by Jennifer L Armentrout – The minute I knew Jen would be at YA’ll fest, I knew I had to get a copy of this book. Team Roth for the win. Jennifer is so unbelievably sweet. I love her even more after meeting her. πŸ˜‰
Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L Armentrout – I wasn’t planning on buying this one because there was a 3 book per author limit and I had more than enough for Jen, but Blue Bicycle Books had pre-signed copies so I couldn’t stop myself. Now I can finally binge-read the entire series without worrying over cliffhangers!
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell – I absolutely loved this novel (you can read my review here) and when I learned that Rainbow would be at YA’ll Fest again this year, I was determined to grab a copy to get signed. Again, that didn’t happen, but I’m happy I own a copy anyway.
All That Glows (All That Glows) by Ryan Graudin – I really enjoyed this novel (you can read my review here) and had to get a copy for YA’ll Fest. I managed to preform a magical feat and remove the ex-library stickers from it, which makes me deliriously happy. She was also incredibly nice.

Two Lies And A Spy (Two Lies And A Spy) by Kat Carlton from The Book Belles – I’m so excited about this! It looks so good!

For Review
Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czukas – I was pretty shocked when I won this from GoodReads. I haven’t won anything from their First Reads program in YEARS. I’m so excited. I loved this novel and I can’t wait to share my thoughts of it with you!

Amazon Freebies
The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
The Way Of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson – I’m not usually one for super high fantasy, but I’ve heard amazing things about Sanderson, so I couldn’t pass up this freebie.

All Broke Down by Cora Carmack
All Broke Down (Rusk University #2) by Cora Carmack – Cora did a giveaway on Twitter for reaching 60 reviews for this on Amazon (with a good number of them being 5 stars) and I was lucky enough to win. Thank you so much Cora! I’m so excited to have it! ::flails::

For Review
Captive by Aimee Carter
Captive (The Blackcoat Rebellion #2) by Aimee Carter – I really Pawn, the first book in this series, so I couldn’t resist requesting this. I’m so excited to see the continuation of this story and find out where it goes.

Blog Tour
The Shape Of My Heart by Ann Aguirre
The Shape Of My Heart (2B Trilogy #3) by Ann Aguirre – I loved the first two novels of this series and I’ve been a bit desperate to get my hands on this one. I was initially bummed because I was denied by the publisher on NetGalley, but Blog Tours for the win! Thank you to Ann & Inkslinger PR for making that happen. I’m so excited, you just have no idea.

Posters 11-8-14
I have several swag photos for you! First up is the one above of all the posters I got at YA’ll fest. The big blue one someone actually dropped. I didn’t see who, but I waited a good 5 minutes to see if anyone came back to claim it and they didn’t, so mine now! The Period Table of Epic Reads came from the Epic Reads table. The YA’ll Fest poster was free when I bought books on Friday, but then they were selling them for $5 each on Saturday! I’m glad I grabbed on early! Finally, The Map To Everywhere poster came from Carrie Ryan’s table. It’s so adorable!

Swag 11-8-14
Here are the goodies I got that weren’t paper-related. Don’t worry, those extras are for you guys. Most come from the Compelling Reads table, where they had bunches and were more than happy to share with me and you guys. πŸ™‚

Swag 11-8-14
Paper swag! Excerpts, bookmarks, even a few stickers. I got some extra of this for you guys as well!

Swag 11-8-14
This is non-YA’ll fest. Katie has a swag opportunity going where you request the ribbons and she sends them to you. I couldn’t resist asking for them. πŸ™‚

That’s it! I’m sorry this post is so late, I just haven’t been able to get through all the stuff until today. What did you get this week? Let me know in the comments!

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