Life Of A Blogger #20

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This week’s topic: Handwriting
Is there anyone out there who really loves their handwriting? I think I really like mine later. I keep a journal all throughout high school and I look back on them now and think my writing was gorgeous than but I’ve since gotten lazy. I’m one of those obnoxious people who always writes in cursive. When I was in elementary school and we started to learn cursive, we were all told that once we entered high school, teachers wouldn’t accept work in print anymore. Trying to stay ahead of the game, I immediately started writing everything in cursive. As we all know, that was a damn lie. Less than half my classmates wrote in cursive and now they don’t even teach it in schools anymore. It’s truly a dying art. Anyway, here are a few samples of my writing. I’d scan a page of an old journal to show you the pretty stuff, but I just moves and don’t have a fucking clue where my journals are at this moment.

How is your handwriting? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Life Of A Blogger #20

    • I hated it when they taught it in elementary school, but now, I can’t seem to write in print without lapsing back into cursive. Most of the letters are pretty similar to the print version, except Q with looks like a 2, something I’ve never understood

  1. My version of cursive is quite different from what they taught in school. It’s probably just a mesh between cursive and print. I never really liked writing my capital A’s like how they taught. & A’s are very important since my first name starts with one. So I chose to adapt my own style. LOL. Love that you write in cursive though!

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