Review for Slammed (Slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

TITLE: Slammed
SERIES: Slammed #1
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
PUBLICATION DATE: January 4, 2012
PUBLISHER: Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc
PAGES: 311 pages
SOURCE: Borrowed
RATING: 5 stars

Nothing has been the same for Layken in the nine months since her dad’s death. Now, after her mom realizes she cannot handle all the bills by herself, they are moving to Michigan. Though understanding her mom’s motives, she is still more than a little miffed about having to leave behind the only home she has ever know to go through a senior year at a brand new school. But when they arrive, she meets her sexy neighbor boy and they go on a spectacular date. Things start looking up…until they get slammed with an unavoidable truth. ****SPOILER****He’s her teacher, her goddamn poetry teacher.****END SPOILER****

Lake was a character I loved…most of the time. There were several moments where she spirals down to childish, immature levels that make me wonder what Will sees in her, but for the most part, she’s amazing. She’s smart and loyal and still grieving her dad, but trying to stay strong for her mom and little brother. With all the shit that gets thrown at her in this book, I’m surprise she made no serious suicide attempts ****SPOILER****her dad’s death, the fact that she can’t date Will because he’s her teacher, the other thing with her mom that I won’t mention because I know my sister will read this spoiler and I won’t spoil it for her…..
****END SPOILER**** But she just keeps going out, only have the momentary lapse into depression, which is beyond understandable.

My feeling for Will are similar to those I have for Lake, I loved him most of the time. There were several moments where he is overcome by his emotions and does things he shouldn’t and leads Lake on a bit without really meaning to. The difference is that I completely sympathize with him because I probably would handle the situation exactly the same way. ****SPOILER****I mean, he can’t be with her, despite how much he wants to because of the whole teacher thing, but sometimes he just can’t help kissing her when she is so close. But he CANNOT be with her because he needs his job to take care of his brother, a brother who has to be more important than his wants and needs, right? Caulder (the brother) should be the only thing that matters and he is desperately trying to provide him with a good life, even if it throws Wills plans out the window.****END SPOILER****

Then there are my two overall favorite characters, Kel and Eddie. Kel is Lake’s little brother, who has all the enthusiasm any child that age should have and he won over my heart pretty quickly. Eddie, on the other hand, is the girl that quickly becomes Lake’s best friend. Quirky and spunky, Eddie will have you wanting to know more about her crazy past while you root for her and Gabe to live happily ever after.

The writing has that amazing quality that just sucks you in after you get about 50 or so pages in. It’s impossible to stop reading because you want to know if Lake and Will are going to work something out, how Lake takes all the things coming her way, and if this is all going to end as happily as you have been wishing for. It really does though and I couldn’t be more excited to read the sequel. I think anyone who likes contemporary YA or NA should give this a try. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

On a quick side note, this is the first book I’ve ever listened to on an audiobook….okay okay, the first one was actually Obsidian, but this is the first but I have never read before that I listened and I have to say that I’m now in love with the concept. I have always been opposed to audiobooks in general. It just felt like a lazy way to read and I still gave it a try last year, listening to part of Crossed by Ally Condie and immediately felt redeemed in my opinion because that read had the worst monotone ever. Her reading put me to sleep and I didn’t want to try again. But I did. And It. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. Seriously. I can “read” while doing other things that I have to do like clean or do shower or exercise. It’s like reading for lazy people and I now know that a good reader makes all the difference. The one I listened to was narrated by Heidi Baker and she was great. If you are skeptical about audiobooks, give them a try. Seriously, what do you have to lose?!?!?