Review for Wreck Me (Nova #4) by Jessica Sorensen

Wreck Me by Jessica Sorensen

TITLE: Wreck Me
SERIES: Nova #4
AUTHOR: Jessica Sorensen
PUBLICATION DATE: October 22, 2014
PUBLISHER: Independent
PAGES: 350 pages
SOURCE: Purchased
RATING: 5 bows

Tristan Morganson is constantly battling his addiction to drugs. He’s doing better, they call to him every single day. The only thing keeping him straight now is that night three months ago when an intriguing lady gave him the choice of taking his drugs back or allowing her to flush them down the toilet. He doesn’t know why exactly, just that that particular moment keeps floating back to him when he thinks about finding more drugs. Avery Hensley, the intriguing lady, has had a bad life up until the past few years. She followed her heart as a teen and ended up married with a son before she became legal. Then Conner, the man of her dreams, started showing his darker side and suddenly things are falling apart. She has managed to get her life back together, but she swore she would never again allow a man in her life. That leaves too much up to question and life with a 5 year old son just isn’t up for that. Then she meets Tristan and he’s so different from Conner. He’s real and sweet and fighting an addiction she understands too well. The more time they spend together, the more she longs to break her rules, but is she brave enough to really give it a try?

I think we’ve covered how much I like Tristan in past reviews, right?
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K, so I’ll skip the over the top gushing about how awesome he is. I may even like him more than Quinton…maybe…I’m not sure. Either way, he’s that sweet, flirty guy who manages to be both cocky and vulnerable flawlessly. He perfectly captures that inner debate I think everyone can relate to, that “Am I really good enough” thing. Besides that, he’s, you know, hot.

I sympathized with Avery immediately. This girl is just trying to better herself and enrich her son’s life. And she’s working her ass off to do it. Balancing school, work, a kid, and helping Habitat build a house to repay them for building her one is nothing to joke about. I don’t know how she manages to do it without falling apart. She was in such a bad place and she’s come so far. She’s a fighter and a lover and she’s so determined to do what’s right by her kid that her wants and needs don’t factor in at all. It was admirable, even when it was infuriating because I know how much Tristan wants to be more than friends and I know his intentions are far from nefarious and I just want her to realize that. JUST GET IT ON ALREADY! ::coughs:: I mean, you know, talk it out….

I think what makes me love Sorensen’s characters, and work in general, is her ability to make perfectly flawed characters. She writes characters that have been through bad shit and manage to keep breathing every day. She writes characters that have serious problems and yet I never dislike them. You just don’t understand how amazing that it because I have serious issues with drugs and their users. I am also incredibly unforgiving in real life, but somehow Sorensen makes me love her characters even with their addictions and their pasts. I mean, Tristan has done terrible things for drugs. Fuck, Quinton did terrible things for drugs. And yet I love both of them.

This has everything you could want in a contemporary romance. It has love, angst, and just the right level of smut. It’s written in that highly addictive way we’ve all come to expect from Sorensen. I’m being to think that it is impossible for her to write something that I won’t love intensely. This one can be read as a stand-alone, but I think it’ll mean more if you’ve read the first three books in this series. Reading the earlier ones also helps set the tone for this. Though Sorensen has delved into dark and disturbing places before, this particular series is more heartbreaking than the rest. Nova and Quinton’s story is more brutal than the others and I think knowing that helps you set the stage for this one. Bottom line? Read it. If you’re a romance fan at all, you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving it!

5 bows
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