Review for Second Helpings (Jessica Darling #2) by Megan McCafferty

Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty

TITLE: Second Helings
SERIES: Jessica Darling #2
AUTHOR: Megan McCafferty
PUBLISHER: Three Rivers Press, member of Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House Inc
PAGES: 349 pages
FORMAT: Paperback
SOURCE: Purchased
RATING: 5 stars

So I’m sure I put enough mawkishness into the review from Sloppy Firsts that you guys don’t want to hear anymore, so I’ll simply say that rereading this novel made me endlessly happy. Now, to review this amazing book.

Second Helpings picks up six months after Sloppy Firsts left off. It starts off with Jessica at a educational summer camp for writing where she finds a new OOOH (Obsessive Object Of Horniness) who turns out to be just as gay as the last crush to end all crushes. Poor Jess, she just can’t find a heterosexual male besides He Who Shall Remain Nameless. For the first portion of this novel, she refuses to even write Marcus’ name in order to psychologically trick herself into believing that he doesn’t exist….yeah, that so doesn’t work. Then summer’s over and it’s back to high school. WHOO for being a senior. Mostly, this novel continues in the same fashion Sloppy Firsts did. We follow Jessica through her first real relationship (because Scotty and Marcus don’t count) and through more tough times ahead.

If you liked Sloppy Firsts, you’ll like this as well. If you loved Sloppy Firsts, but hated the ending, well this one makes up for that. You get to see Jessica grow and flourish with some stumbles along the way. I am really striving to write this review without gushing over how much I adore it and as you can see, without the gushing, it doesn’t add up to much. Basically what I’m saying is that these novels are amazing and every one should read them if they are at all interested in a honest look at what high school is really like these days.