My fitness log – Week 18

Okay, so I’ve only ran once since my last post. It was actually on the day my last post went live, last Wednesday. It was surprisingly difficult. You’d think after running 20 without stopping that running for a few 5 minute intervals would be easy, no? But it wasn’t. This week would was a 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 8 minute run, 3 minute walk, and then a final 5 minute run. It should have been cake. But it wasn’t. I was easily winded in the first running interval and I almost stopped in the 8 minute bit.

I didn’t go over the weekend because my left hip is sore. I’m honestly not sure if it’s just my body being cranky for a solid 20 minute run out of nowhere or if it’s an injury because that happens, but the best advice was to wait it out. No running until it stops hurting because otherwise you could irritate the injury. So hopefully I’ll get back on the wagon this weekend, but we’ll see!

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