Book Tag Thursday – 25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

I hope there won’t be anymore breaks here. I ‘m re-committing myself to blogging, so we should be good. Today I’ll be doing the 25 Bookish Facts About Me tag. I’m honestly not sure who created this tag. I’ve seen a bunch of people do it, but no one seems sure where it originated. If any bloggers out there want to join me, feel free to leave a link to you’re post in the comments, I’d love to see them. Or for anyone else out there who doesn’t have a blog, feel free to leave some of you’re answers in the comments so I’ll feel a little less alone.

1. When I read, I almost always have music going in the background. By music, I mean actual music. I know a lot of people listen to scores while reading, but I listen to music with lyrics.

2. My favorite place to read is in the bathtub. I’ve dropped an iPod in the tub doing that, but never a book!

3. I have an actual library. It’s currently a mess, but it’s a whole room devoted to books.

4. I rarely ever read in my library. Mostly because going in there makes me sad that it’s a mess, but I don’t have the time to commit to re-organizing my shelves.

5. Lately, I have prefer listening to audiobooks over traditionally reading a book.

6. I make a point to watch the movie before I read the book. I know, that’s blasphemy, but if I read the book first I have such high expectations and it’s like a set-up for failure. By watching the movie first, I’m giving it a chance to be awesome all on it’s own.

7. I still haven’t finished the Harry Potter series. I’m about 2/3 or so through Deathly Hallows, but I’m still not done.

8. My second favorite place to read is in bed.

9. I don’t like to read sitting up. I prefer to lay down or be on my side. I hear people talk about a cozy chair with a bunch of pillows, but I can never seem to make that work. I don’t know if I don’t have enough people’s, but I never get comfortable enough to lose myself in the words.

10. I don’t like Barnes & Noble. I much prefer a used bookstore to a new one. New books are expensive, especially hardbacks and I can’t usually convince myself to part with that much money when I know I could get it for much less online.

11. I don’t generally pre-order books. I know that helps sales and it helps the author, but I buy the bulk of my books used. If I have the money and there is some kind of special promotion, you know pre-order and get these awesome buttons or a poster or whatever, I *might* do it, but it’s not very likely.

12. Even though I love the backlight on the Kindle Paperwhite, I still kinda prefer reading on my Kindle Keyboard. I love those fucking page turning buttons on it. Having that button at my fingertip is so much more convenient it than having to hit the touch screen.

13. I always have a pair of earbuds with me just in case I get a few minutes to listen to my audiobook.

14. I listen to an audiobook on my walk back and forth to work every day. If I finish an audiobook and don’t have another one immediately ready, I feel like I’m wasting precious time….so many books, so little time.

15. During my lunch break, I either listen to an audiobook, or let me kindle read to me.

16. I’m always reading multiple books at once. I usually have one going in each format. I have a physical book, an ebook, and an audiobook.

17. I listen to audiobooks with my husband. We tore through The Lunar Chronicles and we are currently going through Harry Potter. It just a fun experience, taking in the story together and talking about it.

18. My favorite narrator is MacLeod Andrews. He’s so amazing.

19. I really want to read more fantasy and science fiction, but I’m intimidated by it. I’m very picky and also somewhat shallow. Most US covers are horrible!

20. I like happy books. Happy endings are a must for me. I read to escape reality and if I’m in a fantasy world, there’s no reason everyone can’t live happily ever after. I’m all for the feels, but I’d prefer it if my books didn’t make me cry.

21. I don’t typically eat when I’m reading. Unless it’s an audiobook or my kindle is reading to me. It’s just too difficult to stay engrossed in the world when I’m glancing around to find my snacks.

22. I’m not very good at conversing about books. I can write a review, but the back and forth? I just don’t know what to say. I loved the book. You loved this book. AWESOME! I liked all the parts and the things. ::sigh:: Social awkwardness for the win!

23. I’m a relatively slow reader. I can read a book in a day, but unless it’s very short it takes ALL DAY.

24. Neither of my parents are readers. Though they’ve never understood my insane love for the written word, they’ve always supported the habit.

25. The first book series I remember being obsessed with was Bunnicula…..a story of a vampire bunny who drained the juice from vegetables until they turned white!

That’s it! Man, that was harder than I thought it’d be! What are some random bookish facts about you? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Book Tag Thursday – 25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

  1. Bunnicula! I LOVE BUNNICULA! I didn’t read it as a child, but I read it for a Children’s Lit class I took in grad school. I don’t enjoy books where animals are the main characters, usually, but Bunnicula is the exception!

    I like to read lying down as well. And I also adore audiobooks. I fall more in love with theme very year. I rarely pre-order books either. I tend to get the bulk of my books from the library. I do buy books, of course, but it’s not my first place to go.

    I actually don’t blog to promote books or authors, so I don’t feel bad about not buying their books. I blog to talk to other people about the books we’ve read. And if I love a book and other people pick it up because i raved about, that’s awesome. But that isn’t my purpose in blogging, if that makes sense.

    I can’t read with music on, though. Any kind of music. I think I’ve listened to some books narrated by MacLeod Andrews. Did he narrate some Nora Roberts books? Maybe the Inn Boonsboro ones?

    • AAAAH! I don’t think I’ve ever talked to anyone else that has read Bunnicula! I loved it bunchies! I really need to go back and re-read it to see how I like it as an adult.

      That makes perfect sense. I think I blog mostly to ride that line. If I love a book, I wanna help promote it because it’s awesome. But I also just enjoy talking about it to no end.

      He did! He narrates so many things and he’s so talented. I almost forget that it’s just him when I listen to his work and not a cast of characters!

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