My fitness log – Week 17

So I’ve went running a few times since my last update. I went once on March 12th, trying to work my way up to the 20 minute run. I ran for 11 minutes, then walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 more minutes, and walked for 5 minutes. It wasn’t terribly hard. Just adding an extra minute in didn’t mean the end of the world. I tried building up again on March 28th. I ran for 12.5 minutes, walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 more minutes, and walked for 5 minutes. Again, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t life-alteringly difficult like the last few increases have been.

Then I was bad. I didn’t go at all in April. Not once. I thought about it. I mentally planned to do it. But I didn’t. I just stayed on my ass every weekend instead.

But Sunday, magical Sunday, I jumped back on the wagon. I debated on whether I’d just go for the full 20 minutes or go on with the small increases. I decided to just go for it. After all, if I got too tired, I could always stop early. I was also very nervous because I changed my running route for the shorter runs. The shorter route has no hills, but the longer one is just up and down the whole way. Running up hills is hard enough at 5-10 minutes at a time. 20 minutes just seemed impossible, but I wanted to give it a try. I got through the warm-up walk fine. I started the run and was winded pretty much immediately. The start of the run is at the bottom of a big hill. But I kept moving because I know I can at least make it halfway through. The program will alert me when I get the the halfway mark, so I just tried to concentrate on the adventures of Delilah Bard. I was listening to A Gathering Of Shadows by V E Schwab. Side note? It’s sooooo good. It’s just as good as A Darker Shade Of Magic, if not better. Anyway, I tried very hard not to look at the clock, but after a while, I felt like I’d hit the halfway mark and looked. I still had a minute and a half to go before even getting to that point. A that point, I knew I’d make it that far, but was pretty sure I’d never make it to 20. I hit the halfway mark and decided I’d try to make it to the bottom of the last hill. The last hill always does me in. So I keep going. I make slow progress. I got to the bottom of the last hill and checked my time. I knew if it was still far off, I’d call it quits, but if it was just a minute or two, I’d keep going. I’m not going to let a mere minute stand between me and achieving this goal. I have 2 minutes and 45 seconds left, so I push through and I DID IT. I ran for 20 minutes straight! I don’t even know how to express how proud of myself I am. I know I set out on this journey with the goal to run a 5K and I had every intention of reaching that goal, but trying for something and actually doing it are two different things. I’ve never run 20 mintues without stopping ever. Never in my life and I did it!

I must say, I still haven’t fallen in love with running the way you read about. It’s a struggle and I have to make myself go, but it’s not as bad as it once was. I come home hot and ridiculously sweaty and smelly and sour and exhausted, wanting nothing more than a lukewarm bath and a ice cold bottle of Strawberry Kiwi Propel. But I do like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. I got up this morning and ran for 20 minutes, what have YOU done with your morning, kind of attitude.

Anyway, I’m planning on just continuing the program from the 20 minute run point. It means I’ll have to repeat a few days, but I’d rather do that than immediately try to push myself even further. I’m writing this on Sunday night, so I’m going to try and go for another run tomorrow. But there are no guarantees, it all depends on how my day at work goes and how I feel after it’s over!

EDIT 5/2/16: Okay, I’m definitely not going to run this afternoon. My thighs are pretty sore from yesterday’s run and there’s just no way. Also, they are calling for rain all afternoon. I already have a cold and trying to run in the rain would just make it worse.

EDIT LATER ON 5/2/16: Oh yeah, sore thighs! It’s gotten worse as the day progressed and now I’m scared of tomorrow. The second day is usually worse. On one hand, I’m glad I worked hard enough to make myself sore, but ouchie!



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