Hello world again!

You might have noticed a lack of posts over the past few weeks. Computer problems is the excuse I’d like to use. It’s true. I mean, my laptop did die and I did have to get a new one. I was struggling with my old laptop before it died. It had gotten monstrously slow and ornery. It was to the point when I’d pull up WordPress to write a post, I would type a sentence and then have to wait for the words to finish appearing on screen. It got very tiresome very quickly.

That, however, is not the whole truth of why I’ve not been posting as often as I should. The truth is much more complicated, naturally. I hate to pull the same excuse I’ve been using for months, but it’s no less true now than it was then. Work is driving me nuts. And even though I’ve gotten to a place where it’s a bit more manageable, my blogging slump continues. Before work went crazy, I used to write my reviews in my spare time at work. I would have small chunks of time during the day where I’d have some down-time and that is how I’d use it. Was it the best way to utilize unused time at work? Probably not, but it was much preferable to twiddling my thumbs and waiting on the phone ring. Now, that is not an option. I must write reviews and work out blog posts when I get home or on the weekends. And then, when I do get home, I’m just tired or cranky or just avoid my laptop because I’ve literally sat at a computer all day long. When I get home, my creative juices just aren’t flowing. I want to sit down, eat dinner, and enjoy a book or some mind-numbing television. Or work on a book-charm or try a new hobby or clean so I don’t feel like a slob or scan more books so I can be prepared to make more charms.

I’ve thought a lot about what to do about it. Do I give up blogging completely? Do I try to get a co-blogger? Do I just soldier on and hope for the best? Answer? I don’t have a clear one. I don’t want a co-blogger, or at least, I don’t think I do. I also don’t want to quit. I do enjoy it and I like sharing my opinions with the world, good, bad, or ugly. I think I’m going to make some changes. Small things, but the number 1 thing is to try to get my reviews back to what they used to be. I’ve read through my recent reviews and I’m just not as satisfied with them as I am with the older ones. I’ve compared them and I’ve noticed some changes. I stopped writing my own summaries because I thought it would help encourage me to write reviews more because summarizing a 300+ page book in a paragraph is not a simple thing. But I think it’s hindered more than helped. I’m also going to stop only writing spoiler-free reviews. A good deal of what I have to say sometimes involves spoilers and I miss talking about those things. I’m not saying they’ll all be spoiler filled rants, because I know blog tours especially want spoiler-free reviews, but they’ll be appearing again. I’m also going back to using gifs. I have always loved gif filled reviews and I stopped using them because finding good ones are a pain in the ass sometimes.

So, from here on in, these are my simple goals.
1. Write one good review per week.
2. Get the Book Tag Thursday things back on track.
3. Become more efficient at cross-promoting reviews to Amazon and GoodReads.
4. Get my eARC list under control. I know this has been a goal for a very long time, but I mean it this time and I’ve been working on it for a while. It’s lowered a bit and I’m aiming to keep it going in that direction.

If I fail to post at least a review and a tag each week, berate me. Yell at me. Drown me in shame.

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