My fitness log – Week 16

Okay, so I did week six day one and day two the weekend before this past one. It was two completely different days. The first day was a two five minute runs and one eight minute run. The second was two ten minute runs. The ten minute runs were a gigantic pain in the ass. I felt like stopping both times, but somehow kept moving. I can’t believe I ran for ten minutes. I mean, it’s a very slow run, but still, I kept going for ten whole minutes. I never thought I’d make it that far.

Having completed week six day two, I have come across an issue. I have found that this is where the couch to 5K program has a flaw. From this point on, there is nothing below a twenty minute run. The next day is 22 minutes and then some 25 minutes. I cannot run 22 minutes. I know I said that before the last 20 minute run, but I was right then too. I tried to and ended up getting to about minute 8 and not being able to go further. I think it’s utterly ridiculous to think I can run a time over double more than what I’ve ever run. That’s discouraging. That makes me want to quit. But I’m not going to. I’m going to make my own goals until I can make the 22 minutes. After I get there, then I’ll continue with the program.

My currently plan is just to have a the 5 minute warm-up walk and run as far as I can stand. I’m going to try and push my time up two minutes each week. The next time I go, I’ll walk for five minute and run for 12 and then a breather. I may do another bout of running, it just depends on how far from how I am. Then I’ll have a cool down walk. I’ll do that twice, then go up to and then 16 and so on.

My other issue is that I got a tattoo on my forearm on Saturday and I’m not going sure I’m going to run again until it’s healed. It’s cold right now and long sleeves irritate it enough and I think it’ll be worse if I run. I don’t know. I might try, we’ll see how I feel!

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