My fitness log – Week 14

Alright, so last Saturday, I did NOT get week 4 day 3 complete. I ended up being really busy and not having time, which is a bullshit excuse, I know. But it gets dark ridiculously early in winter and I’m NOT running here in the dark. It’s an area with a lot of tractor trailer trucks coming through with drivers who don’t pay attention for shit. I’m not even comfortable WALKING here after dark, much less running.

Anyway, I did get Week 4 Day 3 completed on Sunday. I took a new path, which had an unexpected problem. HILLS! The way I’ve been running is more or less flat land. This new path was nothing but ups and downs. There aren’t any flat spaces. Running uphill is no joke. It took a lot of determination to keep going. Luckily I wasn’t going steeply uphill for any of the 5 minute runs, though I did have to do so for the 3 minute runs. I had to once again resort to the mental “just get to the next light pole” game to keep me moving. It works better than I ever really expected it to. I made it through all the runs without having to stop, but I was just worn out afterwards.

Then yesterday, New Years Day, I was off work, so I went for Week 5 Day 1. It’s 5 minute warm-up, 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run, and 5 minute cool-down. On man, 5 minute runs uphill are the devil. THE DEVIL. I managed to make it through the first two runs without stopping or looking at the time. The only reason I didn’t do so on that first run was because I rounded a corner and there were people outside. People watching makes me want to keep going. Stopping with spectators feels like even more of a failure. On the last run, the little voice announces when there is just a minute left, so I made it to that point without checking my clock. After that point, though, I did end up looking at 10 seconds left. Obviously that was a time I could push myself to finish with. My new course is a bit too long for my runs now, but I have a feeling that once my run time starts to increase it’ll be perfect. I also changed back to listening to audiobooks. Once you get to 5 minutes, you body kinda recognizes that songs are about 3 minutes long. So you finish a song and realize you still have 2 minutes left. That’s not a good feeling. Audiobooks are harder to do that with.

I plan to do Week 5 Day 2 sometime today, which scares me a lot. Remember how I said week 5 didn’t increase the time? Well, I was wrong. Apparently Week 4 was the last week where you repeated the same workout for all three days. Week 5, 6, 7, and 8 have different workouts each day. The days of slowly transitioning into longer runs are over. Now it’s just going to throw new things at me and see how I handle them. Week 5 Day 2 is 5 minute warm-up, jog 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, jog 8 minutes, and 5 minute cool-down. Week 5 Day 3 is even more terrifying. 5 minute warm-up, jog 20 minutes, and 5 minute cool-down. I really don’t think I’ll succeed with that on my first attempt. I mean, I know I’ve said that several times for other runs, but 20 minutes is more than double the most I’ve had to run. That’s insane! But that won’t be until next week. I’m not going to run Sunday because my husband and I are going to hike Crowders Mountain, which should be more than a sufficient workout for the day.

That’s it on the update front. However, since it is the new year, I thought I’d set some simple goals for myself. The first being, I want to finish this program. The second being, I want to actually run a 5k. There are a couple local ones that I have my eye one. The most interesting being the Run & Ride event at Carowinds each fall. I just have to get up the courage to do it by myself because I don’t think I’m going to be able to talk my husband into doing it with me. I’d also like to hike more mountains as I did when I was younger, but I won’t make that an actual goal! I just want to really focus on learning to run and learning to enjoy it. One day, I will achieve that runner’s high I hear so much about!

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