Discussion – Shadowhunters TV Show

I was really tempted to do a post on my feelings on the casting for this show as they were announced, but I felt like everyone else was doing that and I didn’t have anything to say that hadn’t already been said. I feel that way about this post too, but I want to express my feelings and no one in my real life has the excitement I do. My sister loves the first three Mortal Instruments books, but she’s not interested in watching the show at all. She was too disappointed by the film to give anything else a try. No one else I know has even read the books, much less has any form of excitement for the show. I was initially weary of this show. I mean, we all know how the film turned out. Though, I do confess to watching it as a guilty pleasure. They got a lot wrong, but they got a few things right. Casting, I thought, was great for the film. Except for Valentine. That was all wrong.

So that is probably they first thing you should know, I loved the film cast. I think Jamie had the perfect Jace attitude. I know A LOT of fans hated his portrayal, but I thought he got it right. Equally, I thought the rest of that cast had the right look and attitude for their characters, except Valentine, as mentioned, and Magnus Bane. The guy who played him had the right look, but his attitude didn’t feel right to me. I was pretty disappointed in those two, but that’s it as casting goes. I watched the casting of the show with a lot of interest. I’m mostly fine with the choices. I’m not entirely sold on Dominic Sherwood as Jace. I liked him a lot in Vampire Academy, but he isn’t exactly what I pictured. Maybe that’s because I’ve had Jamie running around in my head for too long. But I wasn’t disappointed and I’m determined not to really give judgement until I see the show and she how he does. I really like the casting choice for Alec, even though his eyes are wrong. Besides the eyes, he is pretty close to what I picture. I was very excited about Magnus’ casting. The only thing I’ve seen Harry Shum Jr in is Glee, but I just felt like he would own the role. Especially after seeing his promo shots, he really does embody Magnus well. The only casting choice I was a disappointed in was Isaiah Mustafa as Luke. That is probably going to come off as racist, but Luke was supposed to be Caucasian. I honestly understand wanting to add diversity to the cast, shows need diversity, but I thought look was an odd place to add that. I know they also made changes to Luke’s character in general, so I’m trying hard not to let that color my opinion of the show. I’m trying to think of them as two separate entities, you know? I know the books are just inspiration to the show, so I’m going to try to remember that.

Since that is out of the way, here is what inspired me to write this post. At ComicCon, they unveiled 2 lengthy clips from the show. You can see them here if you missed them. I have some first impressions that I wanted to share. Isabel and Alec seem completely on point for me. The look, the attitude, all work for me. I’m still not sold on Jace. Dom does fine, but he didn’t completely win me over yet. I’m sure he will given a bit more screen time, but I’m just not there yet. Clary was okay. She wasn’t great or horrible, just somewhere in the middle. Again, she’ll probably win me over quickly, but that snippet didn’t have me in love with her. Magnus, as predicted, was awesome. I keep watching his bit of the clip over and over. Even in just that clip, I feel like Harry really owns the Magnus persona. I can’t wait to see more. I have a lot riding on that, Magnus is arguable my favorite character.

Overall, I’m still worried about some things. That confrontation between Jace and Clary was cringe worthy for me. I’m worried about the runes because Izzy doesn’t draw that one on and that isn’t how that works. I’m worried about the angel blades because they were a little weird, but I keep chanting “based off of, not an exact replica of” in my head. I know sometimes changes are made for the better. I get that. Trust me, Howl’s Moving Castle is one of my favorite films and they changes A LOT from the books. I think I’m just worried we’re going to have another Vampire Diaries. I know most people love that show, but I’m not a huge fan. I love Ian Somerhalder, but his pretty mug is probably the only reason I watch on occasion. It’s just too much drama in my opinion and it’s veered so far from the books that they are unrecognizable. I really enjoyed the books, but the show just has me rolling my eyes most of the time. Man, I’m not explaining this write. I just don’t want this to be a cheesy drama-fest, k? That’s the best way I can put it.

Everything else aside, I am very excited to see the show and what they do with it. I’m a little worried, but much more excited than worried. I’m excited enough about it that I’m going to try to watch new episodes online after they air instead of waiting for them to go to DVD like I normally do. What about you? Are you excited? How did you feel about the teasers? Can we squee together over it? Because I really need someone to squee with!

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