My fitness log – Week 9

I haven’t done the Couch To 5K Challenge in over a month. No real excuse there, beyond being tired. I don’t want to go after work and I’ve been lazy on weekends. I did do an extra bit of exercise this week. My sister in law is in town and she wated to hike our local mountain, Crowders Mountain, before she went home. It thoroughly kicked my ass. We hiked on a trail called the Backside Trail, which is a short one, not even a full mile long, but the entire thing is on such a steep incline that it’s labelled strenuous anyway. We didn’t go all the way up that path. We go a little over halfway and then veer off into a back trail that is more rock climbing and less graveled path. It’s just as difficult, but much more fun. We spent about 2 and a half hours playing around on the mountain before we came home.

I was fine then. Monday I was okay, but Tuesday, my calves hurt so much that I really thought about driving to work instead of walking. And getting in and out of chairs was down right torture. Wednesday was somewhat better, but I was still much more sore than I thought I be three days later.

It was a nice reminder that I once loved hiking and I should try to do it more often. I’ve thought about going after work a few days and just hiking the standard trail for exercise purposes. It’s definitely challenging. I will say that I was proud of myself for making it to the first rest bench without stopping. The trail has 3 benches, but the first one is about halfway up so I rarely make it that far without having to stop and rest. I did this time though! I was quite a bit surprised, but I guess walking to work every day has had a little bit of an impact on me. There are a few pictures below, courtesy of my sister-in-law. That first one isn’t posed. I didn’t even know she had taken that picture until we got home much later. I hope I can make it back out there soon because it’s so pretty out there!



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