My fitness log – Week 8

A somewhat successful week. I went on Sunday and completed Week 2 Day 2’s challenge with only one pause. I feel like I went backwards. Last week I was able to do the week 2 challenge with only one pause, right after run #5. I almost made it. This week I barely made it through run #4 before breaking. I don’t know what changed between last Sunday and this Sunday, but my stamina went downhill. It may have been because I was later going this week than I normally am. I usually get there around and it was almost 10 when I showed up this week. An hour shouldn’t make much of a difference, but it does in terms of heat.

I didn’t go Saturday because I ended up having to work. I could have went afterwork, but it goes so hot and then it’s more crowded in the afternoons. Plus, I just don’t like going on days I work….at all. I feel like I work enough on wordays that I shouldn’t try to push myself for more after that’s over. Either way, that knocked me off a day. But I’ll keep going! I’m determined to at least complete this challenge. It’s not going to be easy. Just looking ahead makes me nerves. Week three’s challenge includes a stent of running for 3 minutes. That’s insane. That’s doubling my time! Then there is one day not too far ahead where you run 20 minutes nonstop. It comes completely out of nowhere because before that you only run for like 8 minutes. That day terrifies me and I’ll be stuck they FOREVER.


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