My fitness log – Week 7

This was a successful week. Unfortunately it was preceded by two bad weeks. The weekend of the 25th & 26th, I didn’t make it out. The 25th was due to the fact that I was at Carowinds all day. That task is quite a bit of exercise because it is a huge amusement park and we had to run to make it to a particular ride in early, so I guess I sorta did make it, but not really. On the 26th, I went to do the run, but I had problems. I bought this wrist thing to hold my phone in, but it turned into more of a mess. It was difficult to get my phone into the case. Once there, it was impossible to control the phone, so it accidentally started me on the wrong day in the challenge and I eventually got frustrated and quit. I don’t count either day as a success. The weekend after that was just a bad weekend. Mother Nature paid a visit and I was just cranky and sick. Plus, I slept in. When I go, I go early. I’m there before 10 so it isn’t super hot.

But this weekend was very successful. Saturday I finally did the week 1 day 3 challenge without having to take a break. AHH! It felt so good to be able to get through it. So Sunday, I transitioned to week 2 day 1. I did pretty well for my first day on that. Week 2 is 90 seconds of running with 2 minutes of walking. It wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t easy either. I think the 2 minutes of walking was my saving grace because it gave me time to cool off. I still had to take a break. I stopped right after run #5. This week it was 6 total intervals of running and walking. I’m hoping to get through it without having to repeat days, but we’ll see! Altogether, I’m pretty pleased with my progress!

Saturday 1

Saturday 2

Sunday 1

Sunday 2

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