My fitness log – Week 5

Finally, I’ve had a successful week! I managed to make it to a workout not once, but twice! I got up early this past Saturday and went to my local park with a kick-ass walking track. I also downloaded an app to help keep track of my walking/running times so I don’t have to constantly keep my eye on the clock and a number in my head. It really makes things much simpler. I just walk and then it tells me when to start running and when to stop. That’s the upside. The downside is that the app follows an more accelerated timetable than the one I tried before, making it more difficult. The one I was doing before was 1 minute of running followed by 2 minutes of walking. Rinse, lather, repeat for 20 minutes. This one does 1 minute of running followed by 90 seconds of walking. You wouldn’t think a 30 second loss would make much of a difference, but it really does. It breaks down to 5 minutes of walking for a warm-up, then 8 cycles of walking/running, and then 5 minutes of walking for a cool-down.

I managed to complete the challenge both days, but it was quite a bit harder and I couldn’t complete it either day without taking at least one bench break. There was quite a bit of difference between running on a treadmill in an air condition room and running on uneven asphalt in 80+ degree weather. Even at 8 in the morning, it’s crazy hot these days. Between that difference and the 30 second loss, I feel like I’m going to pass out somewhere around run #3. So, both days, I stopped at a shaded bench and rested for 5 minutes or so. On Saturday, I had to stop 3 times. After run #3, my stamina could barely handle running a minute. That’s how horrible out of shape I am, I can’t even complete a 30 minute cycle of Couch To 5K challenge without having to take a break. I was slightly better on Sunday, but not by much. I only had to stop twice, but if I can’t get through this one, how the hell am I supposed to survive the ones were I have to run more than a minute at a time?

I know for certain that I won’t be moving on to the next stage until I can get through this one without taking a break. How can people run continuously? How do you manage that without dying. I realize it’s a process and you have to train your body to endure it, but I cannot imagine running for more than a few minutes without feeling like I’m going to die. Like, seriously, just keel over. I want to succeed, but I can’t even imagine it at this point. The next stage (assuming I can get past stage one) is to run 90 seconds. ::hides:: Where is the endorphin rush I hear people bragging about? That doesn’t kick in immediately, huh? I hope I can make it through!

What really got me motivated to go this weekend, beyond the basic I need to get my ass off the couch thing, was the upcoming Run & Ride event at Carowinds. It’s September 12 and I just love the idea of doing a course around this park that I know so well then spending the day riding the rides. Of course, thinking about it now, I know it would be a little depressing because Thunder Road will be long gone by then and that makes me literally want to cry. I won’t go into that, but it’s food for thought in my mind. The Run & Ride event isn’t something I could really accomplish this year. Even if I never have to repeat a training day because I can’t make the goals, I still wouldn’t have time to be ready for it. Maybe next year. Or I could sign up for the smaller ones. You can do as small as a single mile and I think I could manage that, but I’m really trying to set my mind on the 5K so I can stay motivated.

As for how I feeling after, well, not great! I was fine all day on Saturday, but that’s the only day I was fine! On Sunday night, many hours after completing the day 2 challenge and I was very sore. My thighs and calves were very tired. Walking was a bit uncomfortable. On Monday, I still had moments of soreness. My thighs are fine when I’m moving, but I really start to feel the discomfort while being still. Sitting at a desk, lounging in my recliner, laying in bed, my legs are sore. On Tuesday, I was mostly fine. I don’t feel anything walking around and the still moments are noticeably more comfortable. I still felt twinges of discomfort, but nothing major.

Doing two days in a row may not have been my best idea, but I wanted to jump in with both feet while I still have the inclination to do so. I didn’t want to loose momentum. The plan is to go every Saturday and Sunday morning. I don’t want to try to go on a weekday after work because I’m already stressed enough without adding that in on top. That’s all for now. I’m been instagramming a little of my journey, so feel free to follow me @piratevanrock if you want. I’ll also post the photos I shared below! What about you guys? Have you embarked on a crazy fitness routine? Are you a runner? Does it really get easier?!?!? Let me know in the comments!

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