My fitness log – Week 4

Le sigh. Another failed week. I guess there are a few more days here, but I doubt it’ll happen. It’s official, I really need a new plan. I just don’t want to pay for another gym membership and it’s so hot out that I don’t really want to try to do the challenge in the heat. Though I’m sure the heat would help with weight loss, it would also lead to dehydration quicker. Plus, since woman workout clothes refuse to come with pockets the way men’s do, I’d have no way to hold my phone or my iPod to continue listening to anything. My ipod does have a clip, so could possibly still use it, but I don’t like the idea that I would have to leave my phone at home or in my Jeep. What if someone desperately needs me while I’m out?

But the main cause of not going this week is definitely my husband. Tuesday is the day we picked to go each week and on Tuesday, he had a very bad day at work and didn’t want to go. I caved because I’m not a great motivator. Yesterday it was the same deal. He had a rough day and wasn’t in the mood to spend an hour torturing himself. While it’s a sentiment I understand, I also understand that nothing is going to change if we/I don’t make a change. He does want to lose weight because he weighs more now than he ever has, but it’s like he doesn’t. Or rather he does, but he doesn’t have the willpower to push to make the change. I don’t really know, but I find it a bit frustrating. Especially if I find a way to go on my own, will he make any effort without any push from me? I want us both to get healthier. GRH.

Basically this week is a fail and I suck as a person and all that crap. I’ll let you know how next week goes.

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