Goodbye to Life Of A Blogger

Some of you may have noticed a particular feature missing from my blog these last few weeks. The Life Of A Blogger meme has officially ended. Jessi at Novel Heartbeats has decided to stop running this meme, a decision I cannot help but agreeing with. You can read what she has to say here, but basically the interest has dwindled. My own posts have been rather lackluster for the past month or two of the meme. I couldn’t really muster up the enthusiasm for the recent topics as I could for the ones in the beginning and it’s a bit of a relief to not have to try to write a post about something I don’t have much to say about, if I’m being completely honest.

As this meme draws to a close, I find myself feeling sentimental. I have been doing that meme almost since the start of this blog. Jessi started it up just a few weeks after I made the decision to start blogging and I jumped on it. When you first start blogging, you look for things to help fill in your days and this meme was perfect thing for me. A day with the explicit excuse to discuss music or movies or whatever else prompted by the meme? Bring it on. But now it’s over and I’m a little saddened by that. I’ve been thinking about picking up another meme, but I seem to have enough content that I don’t need to do a new one. And some of them seem like a lot of work. Top Ten Tuesdays are so much effort and I don’t think I could ever narrow down a list of anything literary to a mere 10 items. Waiting On Wednesday is a possibility, but I just don’t know right now.

Regardless of all my ramblings, I want to thank Jessi for running a great meme. It was a wonderful year and a half and I truly enjoyed not only sharing my posts but reading everyone else’s. Scheduling posts for Thursdays will feel weird for months without this to fill that space!

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