Life Of A Blogger #71

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Weekly feature created by Jessi at Novel Heartbeats to discuss one non-bookish topic per week. For more information about this feature click here

This week’s topic: Dreams (the sleeping kind)

I don’t dream a bunch, but lately the few I do have all revolve around the idea of babies. Me chasing babies, me being pregnant and terrified, and similar motifs. I think it’s because my husband has baby fever and I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that or not.

UPDATE: Except last night (and most likely tonight), when I have strange dreams about Carowinds. Last night, I dreamed that they were running the new roller coaster backwards and that some guy fell out while riding. Don’t worry, in dream land, it miraculously ended up in a pool and he was fine. I expect more like that tonight because tomorrow is the day I finally get to go and ride it, so it’s all that’s on my brain!

What about you? What are you’re dreams about? Let me know in the comments!

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