Let’s talk about giveaway cheating

My publisher sponsored giveaway ended last night. I was given the opportunity to do a promotional post of flirting advice and fails for Robin Constantine’s Promise Of Amazing (a novel I adored). One of the stipulations of the giveaway was to get the entrants to share their own best/worst dating advice, so I made that the single mandatory entry. The one thing that was required was to comment on that post with your own story. I knew this would reduce the number of people who entered because most people don’t like to leave comments to earn entries. I’m one of those people. I don’t leave a comment to win something unless it’s something I desperately want. Before this giveaway, I never gave much thought to cheating. I’m a fairly small blog and I always leave several very easy options. I always have a freebie and follow via different outlets. I actually don’t do many giveaways because I want followers for my content, not just to win something. Regardless, I do always check whatever the winner used to win. If the winning entry was following me via twitter, I see if they do and the same goes for the rest, but it has never occurred to me that I need to check the whole list of people who entered and disqualify cheaters before even selecting the winner. I had to do that this time. I only had four people enter the giveaway. Out of those four, only two commented as required. TWO. That means I had two who did not. That’s 50% that cheated right off the bat. Leaving out the fact that cheating is wrong, why would you do one where it is so easily checked? I can clearly see how many people commented on that post. I can clearly see your name isn’t there. Now, since I know one of the “cheaters,” I’m going to do some investigating, but I made it pretty clear what needed to be shared in the comments.

I’m rather disheartened by this. It makes me not want to do any giveaways at all, which sucks because I have a few books set aside specifically to giveaway when the right moment arises. I have extra swag that I pick up when I go to events. I even have autographed posters that I get with the intention of giving them out to the world. But now I don’t want to. If cheating is this bad for a small name like me, I’d hate to see how it is for those bloggers who have thousands of followers.

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