Life Of A Blogger #68

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This week’s topic: Freebie

I know I’ve already written an entire blog post about Carowinds, but apparently it wasn’t enough. You can read it here if you want the super detailed version. Basically, I love rollercoasters. I have only ever been to Carowinds because it’s my local park and I have no friends who are willing to road-trip it to visit other parks. They are either too terrified of rollercoasters to even set foot into an amusement park or are too broke to be able to afford it. My husband is a middle ground. He’ll go and he’ll ride the kiddie rides, but he won’t get on the big ones. I’m fine riding by myself, but I always feel bad that he is standing around waiting for me for hours while I wait in line. Anyway, I love Carowinds and this season is the most exciting yet! They open the brand new coaster, the Fury 325, and I cannot wait to ride it. It’s the “tallest, fastest giga-coaster” in the world, or so they claim. Either way, I’m dying to give it a try. I’m so desperate to ride it that I’m actually thinking about going on the Season Pass Preview night by myself just to get a taste.

Anyway, I love the park and rollercoasters in general. How do you feel about coasters? Let me know in the comments!

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