Life Of A Blogger #62

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This week’s topic: Achievements!

Um…..So this post is a week late because I’ve completely blanked on my life accomplishments. I’m not a very proud or confident person, so I have a hard time acknowledging the good things. I did graduate 7th in my class from high school. And that was after failing on class and getting a D in another. Second semester senior year it really hit me that college wasn’t an a real option for me. At least not a typical university education. I had no money for college and wasn’t exceedingly poor. I’m not well off either. I’m upper lower class…you know that nice spot where you make just enough to not qualify for government assistance, but not enough to really get anywhere. That’s me. That’s my parents as well. They had no money saved for this and no intention of really helping me pay for it. The longer I sat in the library looking at the cost of tuition and housing and food, plus interest rates on loans, the more I realize that it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t even know what I wanted to study. Well…that’s not true. I wanted to study Japanese, but had no idea what I would have done with that. I couldn’t make myself go into that much debt over a learning experience that promised no means of paying the money back. After that, I kinda gave up. I made sure I passed the class I was taking that I needed to graduate, but I didn’t care much beyond that. Imagine what would have happened if I’d kept my determination? I could have been fucking valedictorian.

ANYWAY, beyond that, I don’t know. I’m happily married, so I guess that’s an accomplishment. No homeownership yet or kids, just us and the dogs and a rental house that I’m currently in love with. I’m employed and have been with the same company since 2008.

Book-Blog-wise, I have over 50 followers (slowing climbing to 100) and I’ve gotten to a point where I get several views a day. That doesn’t really sound like an accomplishment, but trust me, when I first started and there were days where I’d beg my husband or friends to look at my website just so I’d have a view or two that day. That’s pathetic, but no less true. I’ve been interviewed and quote a few authors know me by name now. I’m even quoted on Tellulah Darling’s blog (on the page with info on My Life From Hell). I’ve also gotten to the point where I get approved more than denied for the books I want to read. I still get denied plenty, but not as many as I used to!

I really think that’s it. How pathetic is that? What about you? What have you accomplished? Let me know in the comments!

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