Showcase Sunday #64

Showcase Sunday

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here ~Vicki at Books, Biscuts, and Tea

Okay people, before I even post this photo of the massively huge stack of books that I have incoming this week, I need you to know that most of them came from the Book Outlet’s after Christmas sale. I bought a staggering 25 books (which came to a total of $70 including shipping) and they came in the mail this week. Plus, my birthday last Tuesday, so a few gift are mixed in. So, you know, I’m not crazy rich or anything, I just went a little happy with my Christmas money.

Books 1-10-15

Fluke: Or, I Know Why The Winged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore – I really enjoyed A Dirty Job by Moore and I couldn’t resist grabbing this when I found the old cover for cheap.
Thirteen (Women Of The Otherworld #13) by Kelley Armstrong – So the only part of this series I’ve read is a collection of short stories, but they were all so very good and this is autographed. How could I say no for $1.50?
Worse Things Happen At Sea! (The Ratbridge Chronicles #2) by Alan Snow – I actually bought this as a gift for my husband, but we have a combined library. He loved Here Be Monsters (the first book in this story). This is the series the movie The Boxtrolls is based off of. It is a fantastic movie that I highly recommend to everyone!
A Touch Morbid (A Touch Trilogy #2) by Leah Clifford – This series sounds amazingly interesting.
A Touch Menacing (A Touch Trilogy #3) by Leah Clifford – And now I have all of them!
Vortex (Temptest #2) by Julie Cross – I haven’t read Tempest yet, but I have a feeling it ends in a cliffhanger so I had to grab this when I saw it cheap.
Timestorm (Tempest #3) by Julie Cross – And book 3! When I get the chance to read them, I can binge on the whole series.
The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy #1) by Mindee Arnett – This sounds so amazing! I also love the cover! It’s so different than the typical YA covers.
Into The Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern – This sounds incredibly entertaining! A journey into geekdom.
A Stranger Thing (Ever-Expanding Universe #2) by Martin Leicht & Isla Neal – I adored the first book in this series (you can read my review here) and I can’t wait to start this. I do need to grab a copy of Mothership to go with this on my shelf.
The Beautiful And The Cursed (The Dispossessed #1) by Page Morgan – I have book 2 to this and I can’t read it until I read book 1. Plus, Gargoyles are a bit of lore that I love.
The Almost Truth by Eileen Cook – I really loved Cook’s Getting Revenge On Lauren Wood and her upcoming Remember, so I was excited to grab a copy of this. Plus, I love a good con story.
Of Beast And Beauty by Stacey Jay – Beautiful cover? Check. Great reviews? Check. Beauty & The Beast remake? GIMME.
Point Of Retreat (Slammed #2) by Colleen Hoover – I need Slammed and This Girl to complete this set, but I’m happy to have this one! I really enjoyed it.
Torn (Torn #1) by K A Robinson – I’m a bit less excited about this now than when I ordered it. I have since finished Shattered Ties by her and it was a bit of a disappointment. But this still sounds good, so I have a little hope.
Twisted (Torn #2) by K A Robinson – I naturally grabbed book 2 as well.
Searching For Perfect (Searching For #2) by Jennifer Probst – This sounds so great! I like the black and white cover.
The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead #1) by Alice Clayton – I’ve been really wanting to read Clayton’s Wallbanger series and this sounds incredibly amusing and plucky.
The Redhead Revealed (Redhead #2) by Alice Clayton – I can’t buy just book 1 when book 2 is on sale as well, can I?
The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead #3) by Alice Clayton – I might as well buy the whole series while I’m at it, right?
White Trash Damaged (White Trash Trilogy #2) by Teresa Mummert – I bought the first book in this series at the last Book Outlet sale and I couldn’t resist grabbing this the second time around.
A Song For Us (White Trash Trilogy #3) by Teresa Mummert – I might as well get all three, right?
Golden by Jessi Kirby – I’ve heard great things about this and it sounds pretty awesome.
Take A Chance (Take #1) by Abbi Glines – I’ve heard so many great things about Abbi’s work that I keep grabbing her books when I find them cheap.
Searching For Beautiful by Nyrae Dawn – I really loved Out Of Play, written by her and Jolene Perry, so I want to work my way through the rest of her work.
Out Of Play by Nyrae Dawn Jolene Perry – Speaking of Out Of Play….I’m so glad that I finally own a copy of this. It’s so good!
Cured (Stung #2) by Bethany Wiggins – I’ll be honest. I just bough this because they had it and the first one and I love the cover of the first one.
The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) by Julie Kagawa – I know I already have this book. In fact, my copy is signed, I couldn’t walk away and leave this sitting in my local Value Village.
A Rock And A Hard Place (The Jamieson Collection #1) by Angie Stanton – This sounds like it’s either going to be amazing or terrible, and I’m excited to find out which it is.
Stung (Stung #1) by Bethany Wiggins – See? This one has a gorgeous cover. It sounds interesting too, but the cover is mostly what grabbed me.

Get Happy by Mary Amato from Reading Teen – I’m so excited about this! It’s autographed! It has such a pretty cover!
Struck (Struck #1) by Jennifer Bosworth from Read Between The Books – I’ve been wanting to read this for a while and I’m so excited about it. I actually misread the initial email where I won because this was one of those you pick two from my stack giveaways and I thought it was already gone. Luckily I was wrong and Courtney was nice enough to correct me.

Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott – My sister-in-law surprised me with this for my birthday. I’m so excited about it! I’ve heart great things about this series and can’t wait to get started on it for myself!
Breaking Nova (Nova #1) by Jessica Sorensen – My awesome sister-in-law surprised me with this as well. I loved this book. LOVED. You can read my review here. I don’t know how she managed to pick such a perfect gift, but I am so very happy to finally have a physical copy of this.

Amazon Freebies
Flirting With Felicity by Gerri RussellOperation Cinderella by Hope TarrBefore You Go by Clare James
Flirting With Felicity by Gerri Russell – This was the Kindle First book I chose this month. Actually, we were allowed to choose 2 this month, but this was the only one I wanted. It looks cute and I LOVE the cover.
Operation Cinderella (Suddenly Cinderella #1) by Hope Tarr – Free and it sounds interesting, I don’t need any more reason!
Before You Go (Before You Go #1) by Clare James – Same reason.

For Review
Last Year's Mistake by Gina Ciocca
Last Year’s Mistake by Gina Ciocca – AH! I can’t believe I got approved for this. Thank you to everyone at Simon Pulse! I love the cover and am in a desperate contemporary romance-y mood.

Some Kind Of Normal by Juliana StoneFor Authentication Purposes by Amber L Johnson
Some Kind Of Normal by Juliana Stone – I love this cover! It’s so pretty! Plus, you know, the story sounds great and all that stuff.
For Authentication Purposes by Amber L Johnson – Amusing sounding smut? Bring. It. On. If this turns out to be half as good as it sounds, I’ll be singing it’s praises.

Blog Tour
Paper Or Plastic by Vivi Barnes
Paper Or Plastic by Vivi Barnes – I’m so excited about this! It sounds aborable and has a cover to match!

White Space by Ilsa J Bick
White Space (Dark Passages #1) by Ilsa J Bick – I’ve already started listening to this. It’s….weird. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. It’s written in strange way, jumping all over the place at inopportune moments. I’m a few hours in with a long way to go so hopefully it’ll start to make sense soon!

Funko Pops
Funkos 1-10-15
I got a ton of Funko Pop figurines this week! Batman, Robin, and creepy Joker were all birthday gifts from my sister in law. I love them all. This particular Joker was not the one I wanted (I want the Arkham Asylum one or the Dark Knight one), but he does go with the set. Then I got Fred & Hiro (from Big Hero 6) from Disney Movie Rewards. If you buy Disney movies at all, that is a program you should really sign up for. Earning points takes forever, but hey, free stuff! Then I bought Kristoff to so with the Sven one my husband bought me forever ago. I like to pair them up. I don’t want them to get lonely! Which is one of the reasons I bough the Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn, so Joker won’t be lonely. I’m a little irritated with her because she won’t stand on her own, but hopefully my husband and I can make it work!

I got too many books this week! I swear, I’m not rich. Most months I barely have anything left over after bills, but Christmas money usually burns a hole in my pocket and I just want to spend it. You’d be surprised what you can get if you search used book stores and thrift stores. What did you get this week? Let me know in the comments!

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