Life Of A Blogger #60

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This week’s topic: Scars (that you have)

When I saw the topic of this post, I immediately got big ideas. I could do a collection of pictures of all my scars with the stories that go with them! It could be gruesome and gory and epic. Know what I learned? I’m a shitty photographer (unless I’m at a concern and then I’m pretty good) and the few scars that I haven’t outgrown don’t photograph well! I’ll tell you a bit about them, but I know it isn’t the same without visual stimuli.

The first set of scars is probably my biggest set. There are four in total. There is a scrapped spot on my left arm and my hand (just above my wrist) as well as a spot on my left knee and ankle. They are all from a bike accident when I was around 10. I was riding around late (late for a 10 year old) at night and hit a big rock and crashed horribly. Obviously, I feel on my left side. I was also completely alone, so I had to walk my happy ass home with my bike. Good times! My mom jokes that I got in a fight with the asphalt and lost.

There is a set of two 2 inch long line type scars on my left calf. The story there is nothing special. I was sitting at a friends house, in a chair where the arm rests have fallen off. It has exposed nails where the armrests go and I forgot and got up too fast. It hurt like a bitch and bleed A LOT.

I honestly think those are the only ones I have now. I had bunches as a kid. I was a wild, fearless thing that wasn’t scare of falling down, so I got hurt constantly. I have outgrown most of them, though! Do you have any awesome scars? Let me know in the comments!

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