Life Of A Blogger #54

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Weekly feature created by Jessi at Novel Heartbeats to discuss one non-bookish topic per week. For more information about this feature click here

This week’s topic: Thanksgiving Traditions

I don’t really have many. When I was a kid, my dad used to go to 4 or 5 different people’s homes for Thanksgiving so he could load up with enough food and take-home plates to feed him for a week. Since becoming an adult and living on my own (or rather, with my husband) I wouldn’t say we have any specific traditions. We go to my uncle’s house because his wife is an amazing cook and we visit with them. We visit with my dad because he is always there too. We go to my husband’s parent’s house and visit with them. We usually don’t eat there because my mother-in-law isn’t the best of cooks. We visit for a little bit with them and then go to my mom’s. I eat at my mom’s because she is a good cook when she puts her mind to it. Hang out there a few house and that’s it. I think I’ve mentioned several times before that we aren’t really a sports family, so at no point will I be watching football and I don’t really care for the parade either.

In the past few years, we have hit up the black Friday sales. I love the late night shopping and the amazingly cheap DVDs. That’s mostly what I go for, shows and movies. The big ticket items electronics and toys don’t interest me at all. I’m a bit annoyed that this year the sales will start at 6. That’s bullshit that they’ll start early. I liked the late night feel and the all. I’d like to say it pisses me off enough that I won’t go this year, but I think we all know that isn’t true. I can’t resist a good deal. I definitely won’t be waiting outside the doors for them to open this year though.

What about you? What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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