Event Recap – Isla & The Happily Ever by Stephanie Perkins Release Day Launch

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Stephanie Perkin’s release day launch for Isla & The Happily Ever After. I live two hours away from Malaprops, the bookstore in Asheville NC, where the launch took place. I must confess I was more nervous about this one than I have been anyone before. With most of the events at Malaprops, the books from the authors are on my TBR pile, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I know, I need to. Beth Revis and Meagan Spooner and Alexandra Duncan, I promise, every time I see you guys, my desire to read your books is doubled. Anyway, I have read Anna & Lola and I adore both, especially Anna. I have been looking forward to this book since I finished the first two. I pre-ordered Isla the week before and just getting my copy send me nutty.

Malaprops was twice as crowded as I have seen it for any other event. I ended up getting seats in the back, but Stephanie was quickly introduced and told us a bit about herself and her writing journey. She mentioned her fight with depression and how she could have had Isla out when it was originally scheduled but it wouldn’t have been a book she would have been nearly as proud of. She mentioned that her next novel will be a horror where she kills people, bunches and bunches of people. She then did a reading from Isla, which I recorded and is below for you.

Then she took some questions from the audience. Among the ones answered, we learn that though Isla is the last book in the series, she hasn’t completely ruled out ever writing in this world again, just no time soon. The movie rights for Anna were bought right after it was published, but the contract was not renewed. The character in her novels she relates to the most is always the one she has either just finished or is currently working on because she sees a lot of herself in all her characters. She was very bubbly and adorable and sweet.

After the questions were finished, we all lined up for autographs and I was lucky enough to be 4th in line. Unfortunately, I was completely flabbergasted and had no idea what to say. I did muster up the courage to ask if I could post the video of the excerpt she read and that I loved her books, but my inner-fangirl was doing too much of a flailing dance for me to really express myself. So, if you ever read this Stephanie, just know that I love you and your work more than words can express. Anna was absolutely epic and I am currently battling with myself on whether to read the eARCs that I was scheduled to read this weekend or to binge on Isla….it’s a very difficult decision for me. 😉

I took a few photos as well, so I’ll post those first and then the video is below. I hope you all enjoy them. I especially love the first photo below. It’s a bit blurred but still perfect.

There you have it! Just enough to have you begging for more of Isla. If you haven’t already read Anna and/or Lola, I highly recommend you pickup a copy! Stephanie is completely lovely and I hope she decides to come back soon, so maybe I can say hi without being so tongue tied this time.

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