Life Of A Blogger #39

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This week’s topic: Favorite Restaurants
Ooooo….food is a topic I’m great with. I have bunches of restaurants I love. Starting with:


  • Substation II: Specifically the one in Gastonia NC. I have loved their subs as long as I can remember. Large #1, all the way, extra oil and vinegar. They even catered my wedding. There is just something about the atmosphere and the people that keep me coming back.
  • Tavern 24: This is a more recent discovery. The one in Gastonia opened last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. The food is great, but the cheese fries are what keeps me coming back…that and the burgers. They make exceptionally good burgers. In fact, I think they are my favorite place for burgers. My husband says their wings are great as well.
  • Jia Asian Fusion: This place has the best sushi in Gaston County. That title used to be reserved for Sakura’s, but this place has it beat, easy. That may be because this place was created by the guy who used to be the lead sushi chef at Sakura’s, but either way, it’s fantastic.
  • Koto’s Japanese Steakhouse: Why 2 Japanese places? Because this is my go to place for non-sushi Japanese food. Their teriyaki chicken is great and they have the lowest price….plus a nice, thick shrimp sauce.
  • Mellow Mushroom: I’m actually not a huge pizza fan. I am probably the only person on planet Earth who hates pepperoni pizza. I like pepperonis, but on pizza, they become over oily and gross. Another issue is I hate the tomato based pizza sauce. Again, I love tomatoes, but that sauce just isn’t for me. The great thing about mellow mushroom is you don’t have to get the tomato sauce and they have a plethora of topping options. Their made to order pizzas are well worth the price and the psychedelic atmosphere keeps you checking out all your nearest locations because everyone is different.
  • Firehouse Subs: I know, a second sub place, really? But they steam theirs and it’s amazing. We only just got one near me, so I like this place enough to drive at least an hour away to get one of their sandwiches, which says a lot about how good they are.
  • Panera Bread: Three words: Bacon Turkey Bravo. Everything about this sandwich is amazing. The tomato basil bread, the meat, the sauce…oh the sauce. I wish they bottled it and sold it separately because I would put it on everything. Add in the french baguette and the possibility of a cheese danish and I’m sold.
  • Showmars: Every time I eat here, I’m completely satisfied with their food. The service isn’t always amazing and the prices are a little higher than I’d prefer to pay, but the food is always excellent.
  • Tony’s Ice Cream: So this is less for for and more for desert, but I couldn’t make a list of favorite restaurants without Tony’s. Tony’s is part of the reason I don’t think I could ever move too far away from here. It’s a local ice cream shop that makes the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Their normal food is pretty good too, but I definitely go for the ice cream.


  • Steak N Shake: Their food isn’t oh-my-god awesome, but it’s definitely tasty. Considering I can get a side salad, a pretty good bacon cheeseburger, and as much water as I want for less than $5 has me coming back for more. Also, their shakes are pretty scrumptious.
  • Waffle House: Waffles people, WAFFLES! They can add pecans, and trust me, you want them to. I also love their Texas Cheesesteak and their hashbrowns. Mmmhhmm…tasty.
  • Olive Garden: At one point, this would have been on my absolute favorites list. In the past few years, however, it’s gone a bit downhill. They got rid of some of my favorite dishes and their prices just keep inching higher and higher. They do get an honorable mention because I love their salad and breaksticks. Also because when they get a dish right, they get it really right….my last one was pretty bad though.
  • Jack In The Box: I know, it’s fast food, but this is the one fast food restaurant that has yet to disappoint me. Wendy’s keeps nixing my favorite sandwiches (or doubling the prices) and Arby’s is doing the same. Every time I go in to Jack’s the food is good and the employees are nice and I can order breakfast all day long, which is a huge plus for me.
  • 2000 Cafe: There is nothing particularly special about his chinese restaurant, it’s just the closest one to me with the best chicken and vegetables…though their egg rolls suck.
  • McAlister’s Deli: The sandwiches themselves are kinda hit and miss. On the days they put their minds to it, they make an amazing grilled cheese, but half the time, it’s not so great. However, their side items are to die for. I only ever get the potato salad because it’s epic, but I have it on good authority that the mac & cheese is just as tasty.

As you can see, I like food. What are some of your favorite restaurants? Do love any of my favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Life Of A Blogger #39

  1. WAFFLE HOUSE! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I forgot Waffle House! I used to go there almost every morning with my dad for YEARS. I’ve been going since I was a small child!
    I haven’t heard of any on that top list except for Panera and Firehouse Subs. I’ve only had Firehouse once, but it was pretty awesome! Panera has the best bagels ever – the cinnamon crunch ones are to die for! Now I’m hungry ;D

    • Shame on you for forgetting the waffles! LOL. Most of my top list is just local stuff in my area. Tavern 24 literally has two locations, one near me and one in Greenville SC, so it’s not a nationally found treasure…yet.

      Mmmm…Panera….bagels…damn, now I’m hungry too!

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