August Update – Normal posting will resume shortly

So you may have noticed there was a day last week that I didn’t post, as well as my lack of posting for Monday. Hell, if that last minute blog tour hadn’t showed up in my inbox yesterday, I wouldn’t have had a post for it either. It’s not my lack of reading. I have at least 6 reviews in my drafts folder I need to finish (or, you know, start) and I even have a review from Lauren that she wants me to post (after I add the appropriate GIFs), so it’s not the lack of content or at potential content.

I’d like to say that it’s sadness over the shocking news of Robin Williams’ death, but I should have written Monday’s post Sunday, so that theory is out. I do think it plays a role in my lack of drive to post right now because I’m truly shocked and saddened by that news. I don’t think there is a person out there who isn’t. I’ve loved Robin since the first time I saw Aladdin and that love will remain even though he is gone. Really, there aren’t words to express my sadness. So, rest in peace Robin, you will be missed….and I will be doing the opposite of everyone and avoiding his films for a while because they just make me want to cry.

Besides that, I think I’m avoiding posting because I’m seriously considering moving to a self-hosted blog. That entails a lot of work on my part and the upkeep is more complex than just letting WordPress handle it on their end. But the perks seem to outweigh that downers. I would love to have URL that didn’t include I am also seriously considering hiring someone to do a blog redesign and create a logo for me so I can start that whole branding thing. Most of the complete redesigns aren’t available for blogs because you don’t have much control over how you blog looks whereas with you can control everything. It’s a big decision and one I’m not taking lightly. Just moving my content alone and setting things up would be a crazy process and it scares me more than a little. What if I set everything up and hate

Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and write tomorrow’s Life Of A Blogger post for tomorrow and I have a cover reveal that I’ve scheduled to do on Friday. By Saturday, hopefully I’ll have a review ready to go for you guys, and then Sunday will be Showcase Sunday…then the week starts over again. :P. Things will be back to normal soon and fear not, I’m not going anywhere.

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