Life Of A Blogger #35

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Weekly feature created by Jessi at Novel Heartbeats to discuss one non-bookish topic per week. For more information about this feature click here

This week’s topic: Tattoos

I love the idea of tattoos, but not necessarily the reality. I do want a tattoo one day, but the idea of trying to pick something to permanently embed into my skin is more than a little daunting. What if I wake up one day and hate it? The only thing I can definitely say I want is script somewhere saying “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” with paw prints around it. But that begs the question of where do I want it? I don’t like leg tattoos (I’m just not a fan of how they look) or arm tattoos (again, I juts generally don’t like how they look). I guess I’m okay with ankle tattoos, but I’m not sure how script would look circling my ankle. I actually love wrist tattoos, but again, how would that look? Same with back of the neck tattoos. Shoulders I’m good with, but not so much on the lower back. I also really love those behind the ear ones (have you seen the picture of the Peter Pan characters tattooed behind the ears?).

Then there is the whole issue of finding a reputable tattoo artist. I have to trust this person not only enough to allow them to repeatedly poke me with a needle and hope I don’t catch something from it, but also to be depositing ink into my flesh and hoping it doesn’t turn out badly. I’ve seen way too many tattoos that look like shit to not be overly cautious.

What about you? Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any tattoos? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Life Of A Blogger #35

  1. I have tattoos. I worried endlessly about the first one and whether I would regret it, but I don’t worry anymore. I had to get one covered up but I love the new one too.

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