Life Of A Blogger #30

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Weekly feature created by Jessi at Novel Heartbeats to discuss one non-bookish topic per week. For more information about this feature click here

This week’s topic: Collections

I don’t collect many things, just books, movies, and music. Like any true bookworm, nothing fills me with more joy than seeing an overflowing bookshelf (except maybe seeing a brand new empty one that we can quickly fill up). I collect books for stories I like and I especially like getting my hands on the independently published editions of novels or specific covers I like. The best example of that was The Secret Of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen, which I have the original gorgeous cover rather than the re-released one from Forever Publishing. I currently have over 1000 physical editions and am constantly buying more. Check out my weekly Showcase Sunday post if you need further proof of that.

DVD/Blu-Rays are another thing I like getting my hands on. I have to get the original physical copy, not a bootleg or a digital file. I know digital copies and ultraviolet copies are much more convenient, but I like have a hard copy. I grew up in a house that rarely had internet access, so I want something that I can enjoy regardless of whether or not my router is working, you know? If I liked the film, even just a little, I want to own it. I like have the special editions. If there is a 2 disc edition or a super special Blu-Ray, that’s the one I want. 😛

CDs are another thing I collect. Just like with DVDs, I want the physical copy. A digital file is nice, but I want something tangible for my money. I have a pretty large CD collection. I think it still leads back to the fact that I didn’t have a working computer or internet for a big portion of my childhood, so having a physical CD that I can put into my CD player or stereo meant I could always listen to it when I wanted. Now, I rarely actually just my CD player in my home, opting for my laptop and headphones instead, but I like having the option.

Beyond those basics, I collect random things on a less impulsive level. Obviously, I love book/author swag and have tons of it. I’m also always on the lookout for good bookish art. Anything from the poster of a book cover to those spineless classic posters with the entire novel written on the page (I want one of those so badly) to just a sign with a great quote on it, I am constantly trying to find new things to hang in my library. I like getting stuffed animals. Again, it’s not as obsessive, but if I see one from a movie or show I liked, I’ll buy it and put it with my collection.

I am thinking about starting a collection for those Funko POP! big headed figurines. I recently bought the Toothless one and they are all so cute! I collect Magic: The Gathering playing cards, especially the dragon ones. I may suck at building decks, but I have a kickass Dragon deck that I’m always adding new cards to.

That’s about it! What do you collect? Let me know in the comments!

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