Life Of A Blogger #27

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Weekly feature created by Jessi at Novel Heartbeats to discuss one non-bookish topic per week. For more information about this feature click here

This week’s topic: 101 Things You Hate

  1. The Beatles (I know, fathers to all rock, but I just hate their voices….and their lyrics and melodies are kinda medoicre)
  2. People who don’t take care of their pets
  3. Shredded coconut
  4. The smell of sun screen
  5. Peas
  6. Bad endings
  7. Cliffhangers
  8. Character death
  9. Ignorant people
  10. Doing the dishes
  11. Exercise (You know those people who claim working out gives them such a rush? I want to shoot those people. It’s supposed to release endorphins which make you happy, but exercise just makes me hot and sweaty and cranky….which is why I’m 20 lbs overweight)
  12. The taste of water (another weird one, but there are moments when water makes me want to gag)
  13. 2%, 1%, or skim milk
  14. The taste of splenda or most other sugar substitutes (Call me crazy, but I really can taste the difference and I hate that overly sweet after taste they leave in your mouth)
  15. Every flavor of coffee except Joe Muggs Intense Dark Mocha
  16. Iced sweet tea (can you say sugar water?)
  17. Samsung (Everything I’ve ever owned by them has been a piece of shit, but everyone else seems to love them)
  18. Good shows getting cancelled while mediocre ones continue to make more (The Crazy Ones gets cancelled, but we get a million more seasons of reality tv? Another Dancing With The Stars? ::dies::)
  19. Jellyfish
  20. Bananas
  21. Olaf in Frozen (he’s so annoying!)
  22. Orange juice (I love oranges, but no matter what incarnation of the juice I try, it’s terrible. That is not what an orange tastes like)
  23. People who try to convince me that if I gave up soda, I’d lose all the weight I wanted (Because it’s a LIE. You only lose weight if you replace the soda with water or another no calorie drink and since I hate water that’s not happening anytime soon.)
  24. Controlling men
  25. Going long periods of time without seeing my husband (We used to work opposing shifts (me 9 am to 5 pm and him 4 pm to 2 am) so I would literally only see him on the weekends and I never want to go back to not seeing him every day)
  26. Audiobooks where the narrator doesn’t emote well
  27. Monty Python (I know, I’m killing my cred here, but I think they are stupid, not funny)
  28. Confrontations
  29. The fact that media stores are becoming smaller and smaller. I have to buy most movies online unless they are new releases because Best Buy doesn’t stock them anymore.
  30. Fast food french fries (I’m good with curly fries or steak fries or potato wedges, but those thin cut fries you get at fast food joints? You can keep ’em)
  31. Dr Pepper bottled by Pepsi. (Here in NC, Dr Pepper is bottle by Coca-Cola and it’s just better that way)
  32. Mr Pibb (Because it is NOT the same as Dr Pepper)
  33. The fact that Wordament is exclusive to phones on the Windows platform (Fuck you Microsoft, fuck you)
  34. Having to do things in public alone (shopping, eating, traveling…it’s just depressing by myself)
  35. Hot humid days
  36. Ticks
  37. Tarter sauce made with sweet relish instead of normal relish
  38. The southern stereotypes
  39. Candles with great sounding names that smell terrible
  40. Nail polish that you have to apply 5 layers before it’s solid and not water-y looking
  41. When book to movie adaptations fail (Twilight! It was monstrously successful but the quality of the movies is terrible)
  42. David Diehl (AKA the English Professor at Gaston College that failed me) I hope you burn in hell sir
  43. Burnt toast
  44. Bands that are awesome live, but when you buy the CD, the sound alone is lackluster
  45. Bands with great potential but terrible lyrics
  46. That helpless feeling when you don’t know what you want to do with your life
  47. The pressure to have kids as soon as you say “I do.”
  48. People who allow their children to run around stores screaming
  49. Instalove
  50. People who live in a country but don’t speak the national language (I realize this comes off as racist, but I don’t go to your country and expect you to speak English, so have enough to respect to learn our language if you expect to get anywhere with me.)
  51. Bad drivers
  52. English classes (Nonsense, right? But classic literature and I don’t get along and that’s what most English classes study)
  53. Small-minded-ness
  54. When books with gorgeous covers have terribly story lines
  55. Strawberry ice cream
  56. Jellies and jams with seeds
  57. Headaches
  58. Motion sickness
  59. Traffic
  60. Cities with more one way streets than two way streets
  61. Buying used books online and them showing up as ex-library copies
  62. Children (usually adult children) who squander their parents hard-earned money
  63. The itchy feeling you get after laying in grass
  64. Cotton candy
  65. Flavored chewing gum that only stays flavored for a few moments
  66. Pepperoni pizza
  67. Diet anything
  68. Frozen yogurt (this does not know, nor will it ever taste like ice cream)
  69. Bipolar disorder
  70. Illegal drugs
  71. Fleas
  72. Teenagers with that “I hate the world” attitude
  73. Slow internet
  74. Animal shelters that kill unadopted animals
  75. York peppermint patties
  76. Playing Monopoly with my husband
  77. Small talk
  78. Pollen
  79. People who don’t work but still manage to rack in several thousands of dollars on their tax returns while I work my ass off and still end up owing at the end of the year
  80. The word “cunt”
  81. Pretentious people
  82. Homophobes
  83. Stink bugs
  84. Fourth generation mustangs
  85. Slut shaming
  86. Long car rides
  87. Aerosol hairspray
  88. Animal print clothing
  89. Bologna
  90. Hangnails
  91. Carpet burns
  92. Nirvana (the band)
  93. Foo Fighters (the band)
  94. Metallica
  95. Pretzel M&Ms
  96. Kristen Stewart
  97. Oatmeal raisin cookies
  98. Redvines (Twizzlers RULE!)
  99. Twinkies
  100. Beer
  101. Making 101 lists because they are so hhhhhaaaaarrrrdddd

There you have it! What do you hate? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Life Of A Blogger #27

  1. Lots of things I agree with there especially #96 and #101.
    Although you are the only person I’ve ever come across that does not like cotton candy, that stuff is just so yummy. But each to their own. 😀
    Hope you have a great week. Here’s my post.

    • Oatmeal raisin cookies feel like they are trying to make them “healthy.” What the hell is the point of a healthy cookie? I can’t stand it because I was forced to eat it as a kid. My mom LOVES it was always forced on me as well.

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