Guest Review – Quintessentially Q (Monsters In The Dark #2) by Pepper Winters

Quest review time! Say hi to my baby sister, LaRae! I’ll have some info up about her in the About Me section soon, but for the time being, we have similar tastes in books and I’m dying to read this one…even more so now! I hope you guys enjoy!

Quintessentially Q by Pepper Winters

TITLE: Quintessentially Q
SERIES: Monsters In The Dark #2
AUTHOR: Pepper Winters
PUBLICATION DATE: December 13, 2013
PUBLISHER: Independent
PAGES: 376 pages
SOURCE: Purchased
RATING: 5 bows

Tess belongs to Q completely. Q is Tess’s irrevocably. Tess wants the bastards that sold her to pay. Q made a promise to deliver them at her feet and that’s exactly what’s he’s going to do. Q may be a monster, but he’s Tess’s monster.

One week. It’s been a whole week since I’ve read this and I still can’t think of a thing to say. I thought I’d be able to come up with something, but no. My emotions are still all over the place. There’s just so much that goes on in this book your emotions are just…everywhere.

This picks up where Tears of Tess left off. Tess and Q are together and each are fighting emotions, mainly Q. While Tess is trying to get to him and get him to open up to her Q is fighting with his emotions. He has the monster that’s obsessed with control and it seems Tess is making him lose it. You can imagine how the monster feels about that.

I really thought things were going to be just peachy in this one. Not a lot of muss and fuss. Damn was I wrong. Tears of Tess was pretty dark but I think this book has it beat. Honestly there’s a shit load of dark stuff. ****SPOILER****Tess gets taken in Q’s own personal space at his headquarters, as you can imagine that doesn’t go over well with him at all, and from there on shit just goes downhill. You have Q going insane and you have Frederick trying to calm him down all the while dealing with Q’s temper. Not a fun time. And the entire time you feel his anger, you feel the panic and your heart is racing. I was so into it that I was yelling screaming at my Kindle. And while all this is happening Tess is on a plane somewhere in la la land and having imaginary conversations with Q. And the entire time I’m thinking “Tess is strong, you can’t break her” then she’s forced into employment for the bastard that sold her. And in just over two weeks, she’s sticking a gun barrel in her mouth trying to end it all. And you can’t help but feel her pain the entire time all this shit’s going down.****END SPOILER****And I really thought this was going to drag out but no. Oh, no. This was only the beginning of my journey to pain and suffering.

In Tears of Tess, I felt. I felt everything Tess endured but this? This was just a whole different level of emotion. After all is said and done and Tess is back home, I thought everything would be fine. But no. I was wrong, yet again. ****SPOILER****Tess is gone. Her mind is gone completely. She feels nothing. Not even for Q. And it broke my heart. ****END SPOILER****The entire time Q is fighting for Tess. He does everything he knows to do and I’m just blubbering like a baby because the feeling of loss is so overwhelming, like, you feel it all the way to your soul and it’s just so much. I had to put my Kindle down. There was no choice for me at that point. It was too much for me to handle. But it was amazing.

It’s amazing how a person can create these characters and just bring them to life. Pepper has a way of making you feel, making you endure every last bit of emotion these characters feel and its amazing. I can’t stress enough how amazing this book is. And if you haven’t read this yet you need to. Stop what you’re doing and pick this up. You’re missing out.

So, with all that said, pick it up, give it a chance you’ll love it and you’ll want more. Enjoy! 🙂



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