Life Of A Blogger #24

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This week’s topic: Bucket List
Oooo…wow. Being that I’m only 25, I try not to think too hard about my own mortality, so I don’t really have a planned answer here. I think I just want to get to a point where I’m content with everything, you know, where money isn’t an issues….not really rich, just no longer on a paycheck-to-paycheck level. Off the top of my head (and after reading some of everyone else’s lists, because I really needed inspiration), here are the few things I can think of:

  • Visit London because who doesn’t want to see this iconic city?
  • Visit Japan – No one city in particular stands out (except maybe Tokyo) but it’s more of I want to see as much of the country as I can and visit my old teachers
  • Go to Disney Land or Disney World – It doesn’t really matter which one
  • Go to Hogwarts – Yes, I know it’s not real. Can I at least visit the Harry Potter theme park?
  • Buy a house – This used to be a bigger deal because I wanted to move ASAP, because I was a bit unhappy in my living situation. Now, I’m in a three bedroom one bath rental and I’m pretty satisfied for the moment, but I know I want to own my home one day.
  • Have kids – 2 or 3 I think because I don’t want my child suffering the lonely siblingless childhood I did. Though children do scare the shit out of me. The idea of being solely responsible for this little beings life is terrifying.
  • Get a degree – This is my main issue with school right now because I want a degree I can actually use but I don’t know if either one I’m possibly working towards right now would be. I do want to finish my higher education though….I just don’t really know in what.
  • Make this blog a smashing success – I’d like to get up to 100 followers. I realize that isn’t everyone’s idea of “smashing success” but it’s mine. I see some blog tours with requirements of 1000 + unique blog hits per day and want to laugh and cry simultaneously. Dude, I’ve never gotten 1000 page views per day period, much less unique hits.
  • Go to BEA – Because books and authors and ::dies::
  • That’s all I could come up with. What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

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