Life Of A Blogger #21

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This week’s topic: Food
Ahhh…food. I love food. I’m 40 pounds overweight because I love food. Well, that and the fact that I have a desk job and I hate exercise. Going to the gym is the most boring experience in my life and I can’t force myself to go back when I have more interesting things I could be doing….Not the point! FOOD! I love all kinds. I’ll try (almost) anything once, but don’t expect me to eat it a second time if I don’t like it. I like everything from simple home-cooked meals to elaborate dinners. I love burgers, steak fries (though I HATE fast food fries), and anything with pasta and alfredo sauce. I love Italian food, non-spicy Mexican food, and I love (love love) sushi. I’m in the south so sushi is a bit shunned here. I always get strange looks when I say I like sushi, but it’s so tasty! The franklin roll is heavenly. I’d eat it every day if I could. I love every vegetable I’ve ever tried except peas. They are so squishy and flavorless. I also hate creamed corn. I like normal corn and I love corn on the cob, but I cannot eat creamed corn. Yuck. I love fruits, though I don’t eat enough of them because…well I don’t really know why. It seems like every time I buy a bag of fruit, most of it goes bad before I get around to eating it.

I have a few food/eating quirks. I hate bananas. Seriously, I can’t eat them. I try again every few years because they look so tasty, but between the consistency and the taste, it is just gross. I love peaches but I can’t stand anything peach flavored. I love whole, fresh coconut, but I cannot eat shredded coconut without being physically ill. It’s the consistency again. I just can’t take it. I said before that I hate fast food french fries. I always have. I love steak fries, but those thin-cut fast food ones aren’t for me. I’ll eat them if I’m hungry and they are my only choice, but I’d rather not. I also do not like pepperoni pizza. I like pepperoni on sandwiches or just to snack on, but I don’t like it on pizza at all. I also am not a fan of normal tomato sauce. If I get pizza, I’ll switch to a different base sauce if at all possible or ask them to go light on the sauce. I love tomatoes, but I’m not a fan of tomato sauce or ketchup. The only exception is if ketchup is mixed with mustard and somehow that comes out okay. I know, I’m weird.

Another quirk? I can’t cook. I can bake and use a rice cooker and microwave the shit out of stuff, but stove top? If it’s more complicated than boiling eggs or ramen, forget about it. My husband is the cook. I help when I can, but the one time I tried to make dinner, I ended up crying in the floor because I kept fucking up. It wasn’t even a complicated meal, just fried pork chops and a pasta salad (a boxed mix, boil pasta, drain, add italian dressing, done). I keep thinking about trying again, but I’m really scared.

What kind of food do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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