Quick Update

So I’m officially finished “moving.” All my junk has officially migrated to my new home and now is the great time of unpacking and organizing. The kitchen and the bathroom were finished the first night. The living room is unpacked but not organized to my satisfaction yet. The three “bedrooms” are total disaster areas to be avoided at all costs. My plan this week is to make real progress on those fronts. Between that, and the jury duty I had to do this week, joy of joys, I’m so tired that I haven’t even had the energy or the patience to connect my laptop to our new wifi service. I have finished two novels and I’ll get those reviewed and posted so you can have something to keep you going until I’m back at my normal speed. I appreciate your patience with me. I’m doing the best I can, but reading while unpacking isn’t recommended unless you want to get yelled at by angry husbands that they are doing all the work. X_X.

Anyway, I’m getting ready to write tomorrow’s Life Of A Blogger post and then Friday I’m lucky enough to be part of Jessa Russo’s cover reveal tour for Divide, so excited to be able to share my piece of the puzzle. I’ve already seen the whole thing and it’s pretty epic. I hope you guys like it as much as I did. I aim to be back to normal next week, so let’s hope I can make that happen.

Also, quick shout out to my baby sister, Happy birthday!
Emperor's New Groove gif
I love you sis and I hope it’s awesome!

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