I’m moving!

Physically moving, not digitally moving. Don’t worry, my blog is staying just where it’s at…for now….I’ve put some thought into self-hosting, but I’m just not there yet. I mentioned in my Life Of A Blogger #13 post that I more or less live in a duplex with my dad. I’m not unhappy there, but I’m not ecstatic about it either. An amazing opportunity has presented itself for my husband and I to rent a small 3 bedroom/1 bath house and I’m taking it. It was all rather spur of the moment so I’m not prepared to move in any way and even the past 3 days of packing and moving boxes has been exhausting. And I’m not even half way done!
Monsters Inc dies gif

I’m super excited though. It has a huge fenced in backyard so my dogs are finally going to have space to run and play without being on a chain and I’m just excited to be on my own, in my own space (with my husband, of course). It’s a fun but nerve-wrecking process. Anyway, we’ll probably be a few posts short of our normal 5 per week. You can probably already tell that the Showcase Sunday post was late. I have a review already scheduled for tomorrow (as well as one for next Tuesday) and I’m going to write this week’s Life Of A Blogger post as soon as I finish this one. I’m so terribly excited. As soon as I get set up, I’ll have everyone bookworms dream: my own personal library….at least until a kid comes along. Thank you for your patience and thanks for reading!

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