Life Of A Blogger #12

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This week’s topic: If You Could Live Anywhere

Can I just be cliche and say I’m happy wherever my husband is? Honestly, it doesn’t matter much as long as I have a roof over my head and my husband and mutts with me. But, if you want to play fantasy world, I’d like somewhere where they get a bit more snow. I live in NC, which has pretty mild whether, but we only get maybe 2 pitiful snows per year. I love the snow, even though I’m not a huge fan of the cold. Also, in fantasy land, I would mind living in Japan for a few years. Not as a forever scenario, but just a couple of years to brush up on (and greatly improve) my Japanese skills, as well as to just absorb their culture.

I’m pretty boring, huh? I kind of like living the cliche. Where do you want to live? Let me know in the comments

8 thoughts on “Life Of A Blogger #12

  1. Not that I’m close to getting married or anything, but I can totally see where you’re coming from. As long as I have what really matters – friends, family, whatever – then I don’t mind where I am, as long as it’s with them.
    The only time I ever saw snow was when I was in NYC. And it was awful slushy stuff, so I was disappointed. I definitely want to see more of it, but I doubt I could live in it.
    And as for Japan, I wouldn’t mind visiting one day. I don’t know much about Japan at all, so it’d probably be a culture shock. But it is what it is.

    • Exaxtly! And that sucks! Snow is really gorgeous if you get several inches. Then it turns to awful slush, but for that one day when it’s coating the world in white, it’s so magical. I don’t think I could live in it constantly, but I’d like to get at least one snow per winter with 5+ inches, enough to really play in it.

  2. I don’t think that’s boring at all! In my post, I mentioned that I would love to stay where I am, and the fact that most of family lives where I do is a big part of why. Famliy = home.

  3. More snow?! Um, want to trade? Lol, we’ve had a ridiculous amount this year here in Ohio! I rather hate the snow and the cold, I want to live someplace warm! I’d be perfectly happy going without seeing snow for 10 years straight. I think one of the reasons I hate snow so much is because I have to work in it though!

    • I’d like just a little more snow. Right now is perfect actually. We just got hit with a snow storm and had almost a foot of snow. I think I’m in heaven. After this week, I’ll be satisfied. I just want one GOOD snow a year and this is perfect. I don’t think I’d love it if I was constantly buried in it!

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