Event Recap – Robin Constantine Signing (& My first giveaway!)

This past Sunday the lovely Robin Constantine did a reading and signing at Park Road Books in Charlotte NC. My first official author event, on a small scale. Technical YA’ll fest was, but I mean for something a little less chaotic. I was more than a little excited. I read The Promise Of Amazing last month and loved you. You can read my original review, but all you really need to know is this book is everything the title promises, amazing. Robin’s debut novel has that realistic, believable teenage voice that we all search for when we pick up a YA novel, especially a contemporary one. Wren and Gray’s story is moving and raw, with enough humor thrown in to keep me laughing even in public. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it.

Anyway, I arrived at the bookstore an hour or so early to purchase my copy and then settled into a comfy chair with Luna (my kindle) to wait for the fun to begin. When Robin arrived, I sat silently and observed. I’m quite shy in public so I patiently waited for the event to officially start. A nice store employee gave Robin a brief introduction and we were off. She explained a little about the book and read an excerpt from chapter 1. She took questions and then we all lined up to get autographs and a little face time. Robin was very sweet and gracious to everyone, I even got an extra bookmark signed. Also, since I want you guys to understand what I loved (and get a taste of this amazing novel), I recorded the reading. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you, an excerpt of Chapter 1 of The Promise Of Amazing. Enjoy!

I also took a few pictures.
Robin Constantine's tableRobin Constantine's introductionRobin Constantine discussing The Promise Of AmazingRobin Constantine with random fan
Did I mention that she brought cupcakes? Because she so brought cupcakes…and I so took a photo of them.

Me with Robin:
Me with Robin Constantine
My book:
Autographed copy of The Promise Of Amazing

Overall, I think it was pretty awesome. And since I hate reading other blogs author event recaps because I become insanely jealous that I could not attend whatever event they were lucky enough to get to go to and talk to the authors and get swag and autographs, I did my part to share the experience to one lucky winner who gets an autographed The Promise Of Amazing bookmark, along with various other swag.

Giveaway Rules:
-US Only – Sorry, I can’t afford to ship internationally right now.
-No cheating! – Don’t log in under one email address for entries and then log in under a different one.
-Good luck!


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