Review for Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens

Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens

TITLE: Magic Hands
AUTHOR: Jennifer Laurens
PUBLISHER: Grove Creek Publishing
PAGES: 224 pages
SOURCE: Borrowed
RATING: 3 stars

I was pretty excited to start this because I really enjoyed Jennifer’s novel, Overprotected. But Magic Hands just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Cort is so desperate for a job that he ends up taking the only one he can find, at a nail salon. Definitely not an ideal job, but the longer he is there, the more he sees that some girls are so two-faced, you can’t tell which one is real. Rachel never lets guys get too close for fear of getting hurt, but when Cort starts to pursue her, can she resist his charm?

Sounds good, right? Guy doing nails? Hilarious and part of it was, but overall, it just felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t very invested in the characters. I didn’t like Cort much at all. He seemed sweet, but the writing didn’t come off very boy-like. Writing from a male perspective is something not a lot of female authors can do authentically, and I hate to say that this is definitely not a good one. And I don’t just mean because there wasn’t any swearing or explicitly sexual thoughts, he just felt girlish. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t buy it. Then there is Rachel who came off as the stuck-up rich girl who has guys drooling over her all day but won’t give any of them a chance. It’s supposed to be because she is scared of getting hurt again, but there doesn’t mean she should lead them on like she does. Plus, I didn’t feel any tension or chemistry between the two.

I enjoyed enough of the story to give it three stars, but I almost feel like it doesn’t deserve it. There were just too many issues for me to really get behind it.

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