Review for Between the Lines (Between the Lines #1) by Tammara Webber

Between The Lines by Tammara Webber

TITLE: Between The Lines
SERIES: Between The Lines #1
AUTHOR: Tammara Webber
PUBLICATION DATE: April 29, 2011
PUBLISHER: Independent
PAGES: 384 pages
FORMAT: Paperback
SOURCE: Purchased
RATING: 4 stars

After reading Easy, I was excited to get my hands on anything else by Tammara Webber and Between The Lines didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t quite as good as Easy, but it was still wonderful.

Emma Pierce gets her big acting break when she wins the lead role in a new modern-day adaption of Pride & Prejudice film costarring Hollywood’s current it boy, Ried Alexander. Ried, is a player, who now has his sights set on Emma. Then there is Graham Douglas, an indie actor who takes any decent acting gig, as long as it pays and who is falling for Emma despite his best efforts and the fact that Ried is obviously staking claim. Who will Emma choose? Oh, and let’s not forget Ried’s ex, Brooke who is Graham’s bestie and nabs the role of Caroline Bingley. Tension, Party of 4?

I didn’t even read the synopsis of this before I started it. I just ordered a copy online and jumped straight in. After about 40 or so pages, I did go back and read the synopsis and thought “Fuck, it’s a love triangle, what the hell have I gotten myself into?” The love triangle got on my nerves a lot less than I thought it would mostly because I didn’t like Ried at all. The story is told via Emma’s and Ried’s alternating perspectives and the more of Ried I read, the more I disliked him. Ried is that guy that every girl drools over, with his all American good looks and bad boy imagine, the one that we know is a womanizer but we secretly fantasize about being the one who can change that. All I can say is, good luck ladies. I don’t think this dick is ever going to change his ways. But Graham, on the other hand, I loved. Hot as hell, mysterious, friendly, caring, protective….mmmmmmhmmmmmm….The friendship between him and Emma is easy and their first kiss is the stuff of fantasy…then he goes out of town, she kisses Ried and it all goes to hell. See this face? It’s not a happy gnome face!

Let me calm down before I spoil everything. This novel is love triangle-y, but it ends perfectly with the people I wanted it to. The secrets that popped out later in the novel took me completely by surprise. I didn’t see any of them coming. The writing is perfect and easy to read. All I can really say is that I can’t wait to read book 2 and can I please get a chapter or two from Graham’s perspective?

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