Review for Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters #2) by Jessica Shirvington

Entice by Jessica Shirvington

TITLE: Entice
SERIES: The Violet Eden Chapters #2
AUTHOR: Jessica Shirvington
PUBLICATION DATE: September 4, 2012
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks Fire, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc
PAGES: 438 pages
SOURCE: Borrowed
RATING: 3 stars

To rant or not to rant, that is the question.

Yeah, it’s not really a question, is it? I’ll go ahead and warn you now. If you are a huge fan of this series, on Team Lincoln, easily offended by bad language and derogatory comments (then why the hell do you read my reviews?), then this might upset you and you should probably skip it. If none of that bothers you (ie only my little sister will probably be reading this), then read on.

Okay, let’s try to summarize before I go all rageface on you. Violet Eden has finally completely embraced her Grigori side, though she still has major issues with it, she and the other Grigori are trying to find the scripture, which I think is a list of all of the possible Grigori, but I’m not sure. It never really says in this book. It did in book one, but I just don’t fucking remember clearly. Either way, this sends her and the others on a journey to find them before the exiles do, or rather before Phoenix’s group of exiles do. ::breathes:: nope, hold it in, don’t rage yet. Anyway, while all this is searching is going on, Lincoln is facing his own set of issues. The exile who is responsible for the death of his mother has resurfaced and he can think of nothing but revenge. When I say “nothing but revenge”, I mean nothing, he is even ignoring Violet which she is not too keen on.

This novel does just a few things right. It’s just as damn addictive as the first book. Once I got into the story, I couldn’t stop reading. Where they going to find the scripture in time? What the hell was up with Phoenix? Are Violet and Lincoln soul mates? Is that really enough to get them around the whole “Grigori partners are incompatible” bit? I just had to keep reading to find out. Other characters also shine through in this one. Steph, for one, seemed to have a much bigger role in this one. Can I just say that is something else I loved? The normal, human best friend doesn’t just get pushed to the side in favor of new people to “protect” them, but instead is told about all of it and brought along for the ride. A few new characters where introduced, one of which I loved. His name is Spence and he’s just a cocky, sarcastic, funny, over-exuberant guy…who is interested in Vi in friends only zone.

But, unfortunately, he brings me to my rant. The role Spence plays in this book is hauntingly similar to the one Phoenix played in book one (well except for the part where Spence is only a friend and Phoenix was clearly more). He hangs out with Vi, helping her through shit while Lincoln is off gallivanting around doing God knows what and keeping his many secrets from Violet. Once again, my rant will probably bring about many spoilers, so proceed only if you dare.****SPOILER**** WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH PHOENIX?!?!?!? Seriously, in book one, he had his issues but he was there for Violet in whatever capacity she needed him, friend, lover, protector, guide, whatever and now, he is just a dick. Let me rephrase that, the scant few times he shows up, he is a dick. The first time Violet comes across him in this book, he makes her make out Spence, right in front of Lincoln, and then proceeds to reopen the fatal wound she received in book one after Lincoln has stormed out. Yeah, you remember when he healed her in book one from the stab in the stomach? Apparently that wound is permanently bonded to him and he can reopen it whenever he so chooses. What the fuck, right? There are a few moments when his feelings show through to Violet, making her remember that he did once care. And this, in and of itself, is what pisses me off. Phoenix does love her. I know it and that makes it hard for me to believe his transformation. I read somewhere in an interview with the author that since he is a “dark” exile, that darkness is a part of himself that he can’t overcome, no matter how much he wants to.

Really lady? I don’t fucking buy it. The “bad” guys overcome their darksides all the time, mostly in fiction as opposed to real life, but this is a PARANORMAL romance, so I don’t think realism is what we are going for. Look at Patch in Hush Hush. I mean if he can do it, so can Phoenix. But that would take the will of the author and it seems clear that she is Team Lincoln. Which I don’t understand because even if I didn’t have that proclivity for bad guys (who become redeemed enough to deserve the heroine, of course), I still wouldn’t like Lincoln because he keeps lying and keeping things from Violet, not to mention running to Magda for help which is just beyond understanding. Plus, he keeps telling Violet over and over that they can’t be together and yet he gets angry if she tries to move on. Okay, so maybe her and Spence making out isn’t considered “moving on” since it was against both their wills, but the point is that if he loves her as much as he claims, he should want her to be happy, no? Pining over his useless ass definitely isn’t making her happy. For those of you who are Team Lincoln and have dealt with this rant this far, let me just say that they won’t get their happy ending here either. They find out they are soul mates which invalidates the grigori restrictions, but they see a one soul mate get killed in front of the other and refuse to accept that is what will happen to each other if one dies. They won’t take that risk ,which is bullshit because we all know in the next book (which they are going to be five of at the moment) they’ll be back to pushing the boundaries because they are so in wuv.


If you read that, you know how angry this book made me. If not, well let’s just say that unsatisfied is an understatement. With all that being said, do I plan on reading the rest of this series? At the particularly moment, yes I do because even though I really know that things aren’t going to go the way I want them to, I am still mildly curious to where it does go and I have that need to finish series. Besides, I want more glimpses of my awesome Phoenix (assuming is normal personality comes back). But I will not be recommending this series to anyone else until I finish it. This has made me too mad to want to condemn others to suffer it unless I know it’s worth it.


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